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The latest information on "Pokémon Scarlet Violet" has been released! Pre-orders for the boxed version start from August 4th!

「ポケットモンスター スカーレット・バイオレット」の最新情報解禁!パッケージ版の予約が8月4日より開始!

The Pokémon series has been loved by people of all ages through games, animations, and collaborations with various products.
In 2021, " Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl," a remake of Diamond and Pearl released in 2006, will be released.
In January 2022, " Pokémon LEGENDS Arceus " will be released.
The long-awaited latest title in the Pokémon series, " Pokémon Scarlet Violet " was announced at Pokémon Presents 2022.2.27 distributed this winter, and the second trailer was released in June 2022, gradually revealing the full picture. The full picture gradually became clear.
The latest information was also revealed on the " Pokémon Presents " broadcast on Wednesday, August 3, 2022!

スカーレット・バイオレットの最新情報が公開される「Pokémon Presents」放送決定!直前生放送番組も!

Three Big Stories Happening in New Adventurous Places


The story of the Pokémon series takes place in various regions, and this time, it was announced that Scarlet Violet's story will take place in the " Pardea Region "!
It has been announced that it is the first open world in the series, and from the appearance of the Pardea Region that was shown to the public, one can imagine a grand story.


In this story, the main character will not only challenge Pokémon Gyms and aim to become the strongest Pokémon Trainer as in the past, but there are two other major stories awaiting the main character in addition to aiming to become the strongest Pokémon Trainer.
What kind of stories are prepared will be revealed gradually, so let's look forward to them.

The protagonist enrolls in the "Orange Academy" and "Grape Academy" in the Pardea region, where he participates in extracurricular classes, and the story begins when the school's principal, Clavel, tells him to go on a treasure hunt.
There is no set order to the story, so it is up to the player to decide how to proceed!
The story will unfold differently for each player, and it is expected to be a highly flexible adventure in the Pardea region.

Legendary Pokémon "Koraindon" and "Myraidon" in the game!


New images of the legendary Pokémon "Korideon" and "Myraidon," which will play a key role in the story of this title, have been revealed!


In the video, wheels appear on their bodies and they take the form of a motorcycle, running on land and water, flying through the air with their wings, and sometimes climbing cliffs to help the main character move around!
Legendary Pokémon have often appeared toward the end of the story, but this time it seems that we will encounter them early in the story.
If it can fly freely and move around in a motorcycle-like form, the area where it can operate is expected to be quite large!


New "Terrestal" system


In the past, Pokémon have appeared in new forms, such as Mega-Synchas, but this time " Terastar " will make its debut.
By using the Terastar Orb held by some authorized trainers in the PALDEAR region, all Pokémon in the PALDEAR region will be Terastarized.

Terra-tarred nyoha.

When terastered, a crown-like object appears on the Pokémon's head, and at the same time, the surface of its body begins to glow.
Each Pokémon has its own terrace type, but rarely a Pokémon has a terrace type different from its original type.
It seems that each Pokémon has a different terrace type, so we would like to make all Pokémon terrace-typed.


When a Pokémon with a terrace type different from its original type is terraformed, it not only changes its type but also increases the power of moves of the same type as its terrace type.
Depending on when you use it, your Pokémon battle strategy will expand!

Up to 4 players can challenge! "Terra Raid Battle".


Touch the glowing crystals scattered throughout the field to challenge wild terraformed Pokémon in Terra Raid Battles.
Up to four players can participate in Tera Raid Battles, which can also be played in multiplayer mode.
Of course, you can also challenge alone, in which case the computer will join you.
If you defeat a wild Pokémon that appears within the time limit, you are sure to get that Pokémon.

Terrace type is water type Sir Knight

Also, in Terra Raid battles, rare Thales-type Pokémon that differ from their original type may appear, so keep challenging them when you see them!

New Pokémon and characters inhabiting the Pardea Region

Pokémon that inhabit the Pardea Region

Pokémon that inhabit each region, but some information on Pokémon that inhabit the PALDEAN REGION has also been released!



Papimocci is a Pokémon with a soft and smooth texture. When it becomes emotional, it bulges its body to make itself look bigger and intimidate others.

Upar (Pardea form)


Upar, a Dokuo Pokémon, lives on land and covers its body with a poisonous mucous membrane to prevent it from drying out.
It appears in a different Pardea form, and its type has changed from water and ground to poison and ground.



A Rikujira Pokémon, Harkzilla has strong muscles to support its huge body, and the power of its physical attacks using its large body is immense.

Key characters in the story



The principal of the "Orange Academy" and "Grape Academy," where the main character attends, is sometimes strict and sometimes kind.
She is friends with "Dr. Aurim" and "Dr. Futu," who appear as doctors in the film, and changes her clothes depending on the versions of Scarlett and Violet.



The main character's homeroom teacher in charge of biology class.
She is knowledgeable about Pokémon ecology and has developed a Pokémon illustrated book application for Smarotom.
She also has a natural side with her own pace.



A senior who goes to the same school as the main character and is good at cooking.
She studies healthy cooking that makes Pokémon healthy, but she is not good at Pokémon battles.
Pepper's clothes also change depending on the version.



A student in the same grade as the main character who is a bit shy.
For one reason or another, he doesn't come to school very often, and always appears with a fluffy Eevee bag on his back.



The gym leader of Mt. Nappe Gym, with Harukujira as his partner, is a user of the Koori-type.
He is usually cool, but when the battle heats up, his suppressed emotions sometimes come out.

Pokémon that appear in different versions


As with the Pokémon series released in the past, one of the factors in choosing which version to buy is the Pokémon that appear in each version.
Of course, the wild Pokémon that inhabit Scarlet Violet are different from those in Scarlet Violet.
According to some information released, Yogilas and Ishihengin will appear in Scarlet, while Tatsubai and Korippo will appear in Violet.
Other Pokémon besides those listed above will be revealed gradually, so let's wait for more information!

Customize the main character's appearance!


In addition to what we have introduced so far, there will be other elements that will make your adventure even more exciting.
You can customize the main character's face and hairstyle, enjoy changing his or her clothes, and even enjoy adventures with your favorite Pokémon.
Enjoy the story that unfolds in the open-world Pardea region in your own style!

Pre-orders for the packaged version are now open! Early bird specials also announced!


Pokémon Scarlet Violet" will be released on November 18, 2022 (Friday).
Pre-orders for the downloadable version have already begun, but pre-orders for the packaged version began on Thursday, August 4, 2022!
The price will be 6,578 yen (including tax) for the packaged version, 6,500 yen (including tax) for the downloadable version The price will be
Different special offers will be given depending on the store where you purchase the game, so be sure to check out the special offers and make your pre-order!

Early purchase bonus: Special Pikachu

As an early purchase bonus, you can get a " Special Pikachu " with a terrace type of "Flying Type" if you purchase by February 28, 2023 (Tuesday)!
It learns "Fly to the Sky", a technique that ordinary Pikachu cannot learn!
You can receive this special Pikachu for both package version and download version!


The special Pikachu will be available for both packaged and downloadable versions of the game.
As an early purchase bonus for the packaged version only, a promo card "Pikachu" will be given away.
The image of the promo card will be released at a later date, so please wait for further information.
The early purchase bonus for the downloadable version will include a serial code to receive the " Adventure Set," which includes items such as "Kizuguri" and "Nandemo Kaori.
All of the items are useful for adventures, so it will be helpful to receive them early in the adventure.

Also, as a bonus for purchasing the Pokémon Scarlett and Violet double pack, you will receive two " Serial Code for 100 Monster Balls ".
These are items that are always necessary to get Pokémon, but since the main character does not have a lot of money at the beginning of the adventure, it is very nice to receive a total of 200 Monster Balls.
Please be careful when you purchase the items, as each of them comes with different benefits.

The release of Scarlet Violet, the latest in the Pokémon series, is only about three months away, and we can hardly wait for it to hit the market!
Please check the official "Pokémon Scarlet Violet" website or Nintendo's website for more information!


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese and 繁體中文. at the moment.

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