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Okinawa limited "Kariyushi Pikachu" appeared in Pokemon GO from July! "Sorabu Pikachu Project" commemoration


It's the second half of June, and the weather in Japan continues to be unstable, which is typical of the rainy season.
For Pokémon trainers and " Pokémon GO " users across the country, it is a difficult time to go outside to play.
The rainy season is supposed to end in mid-July as usual, and I can't wait to enjoy summer under clear skies.
Pokémon GO" has an announcement that will make us all look forward to summer even more!
Starting July 22 (Thursday), a special Pikachu will appear wearing "Kariyushi Wear," a product of Okinawa Prefecture in Japan!

Limited "Kariyushi Pikachu" appearance around Okinawa!

"Pokémon GO"
"Pokémon GO" x "Sora toobu Pikachu Project".
Pokémon GO 公式サイト

One of the features of "Pokémon GO" is that special "Pikachus" appear dressed up according to seasons and events!
And this time, to commemorate the launch of the "Sky Flying Pikachu Project," Pikachu has been revealed to be in a good mood, dressed in "Kariyushi Wear," a product of Okinawa Prefecture!
The name is "Kariyushi Pikachu "! So cute!
By the way, "Kariyushi" means "happy" in Okinawan dialect.

Pikachu in "Kariyushi Wear" will appear from July 22, 2021 (Thursday)! Pikachu will only appear in Okinawa Prefecture and the surrounding area...!
Since Pikachu will appear for more than a year, even if it is difficult to visit this summer, we would like to visit when the situation has calmed down.

July 22 is the 5th anniversary of the release!

July 22 also marks the 5th anniversary of the release of "Pokémon GO" in Japan!
It's a "Kariyushi" day! Wow!

To commemorate this day, a very precious different-colored Sunny Go will appear in Pokémon GO from this day onward!

Sunnygo (Sango Pokemon)

(*The image above is of a normal-colored Sunnygo. (*The image shown is a normal-colored Sunnygo. Trainers who have never seen a different-colored Sunnygo should check to see if they can get one!)

Sunnygo is a rare Pokémon that can only be found in warm regions of Japan, such as around Okinawa.
There is no expiration date for the appearance of both regular and different-colored Sunnygo, so if you happen to be in Okinawa sometime, be sure to look for it! If you are lucky, you may see a different-colored Sunnygo...

New PokéStops have been added, including a "PokeLid"!

Pocket lid" to be installed in Okinawa in late June.

In addition, four Pokemon manhole "Poke lids" scheduled to be installed around Okinawa Prefecture starting in late June, as well as various tourist facilities in Okinawa Prefecture where various initiatives are being carried out under the "Sky and Fly Pikachu Project" will become special PokéStops!
The illustrations used on the photo disks will also have special specifications...!
Special PokéStops will appear for more than a year, so don't forget to pick up a "gift" when you stop by Okinawa sometime!

What is the "Sky Flying Pikachu Project"?

The " SORA TOBU Pikachu Project " is a long-term project to support the tourism industry in Okinawa and other parts of Japan by implementing various measures in cooperation with local tourism facilities and transportation agencies.
By connecting people to people and people to regions, we will deliver the joy of travel. As a symbol of this project, on June 21, Skymark, an airline company, launched a special plane with Pikachu on its fuselage." Pikachu Jet BC " into service!
They plan to start flights to various countries and regions around the world in the future.

Pokémon has expressed the joy of going out and having adventures through its games and animations. Because Pokémon is such a Pokémon, we believe there is a world where we can create and connect fun.
When you are able to travel freely, we want to bring you exciting days filled with Pokémon and more fun. We also want to help the airline and tourism industries, which have been greatly affected by the current situation. It is with these thoughts in mind that the "Sky Flying Pikachu Project" was born.

ABOUT US / そらとぶピカチュウプロジェクト

It is difficult to go out to play, to travel, and to see Pikachu, but one day, when I can go out freely, I would like to go on an adventure with my favorite Pokémon!


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese. at the moment.

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