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Ps VR "PlayStation VR2" "PlayStation VR2 Sence Controller" design for PS5 released!

PS5向けPS VR「PlayStation VR2」「PlayStation VR2 Sence コントローラー」のデザインが公開!

The next-generation PlayStation, " PlayStation 5 " (PS5), is about to be launched and released one after another.
PLAYStation Presents "PLAY! PLAY! PLAY!" is also being released in succession from February to March 2022, introducing a number of major titles that we would like to play on PS5, which boasts overwhelming machine power.
Personally, I am looking forward to " Ghostwire: Tokyo," which is scheduled to be released on March 25, 2022 (Friday).
The most awaited PS5 news is the PlayStation VR2, the new PS VR for PS5.
The "PlayStation VR2" has been revealed in the form of a dedicated controller, the "PlayStation VR2 Sence Controller," and some of its specifications have been revealed on the product page, but the final design has finally been unveiled! The final design has been revealed!

全世界注目の「PlayStation VR2」製品ページ公開!サインアップして最新情報を受け取ろう!

White and black coloring to blend in with PS5

PlayStation VR2
PlayStation VR2

The final design of the PlayStation VR2 headset and PlayStation VR2 Sence controller have been revealed.
The headset design has been unveiled for the first time and comes in a white and black coloring that blends in with the PS5 console.
The headset retains the weight balance and single-bedband headband design that was popular with the original PS VR, but has been redesigned to match the PS5 console and the PlayStation VR2 Sence controller.
The overall size is one size smaller and slightly lighter, so the neck and shoulders will be less fatigued even after long hours of use.
The "PlayStation VR2 Sence Controller" has also been revealed. It was announced that it will be available in two color schemes, white and black to match the PS5 console.
Compared to the black design that was previously shown, the new design pops and looks more futuristic.

PlayStation VR2
PlayStation VR2

In addition to the first design, some of the headset's specifications have also been announced.
First of all, the scope adjustment button for adjusting the distance between the headset's scope and your face and the stereo headphone jack are positioned in the same place on the "PlayStation VR2" so that those who are already playing PS VR can use it without any discomfort.
"PlayStation VR2" is equipped with a lens adjustment dial that allows the distance between the lenses of both eyes to be adjusted to the player's eye sensation for more comfortable use. By adjusting the distance to suit the user, it is possible to enjoy an even more immersive visual experience.

PlayStation VR2
PlayStation VR2

PlayStation VR2 is also equipped with new ventilation holes to prevent fogging of the lenses.
The scope part of the headset tends to be sealed, so it often gets foggy when you are absorbed in the VR world, but with "PlayStation VR2" you can dive into the VR world without worrying about fogging.

In addition, the headset seems to have been designed with great attention to detail, with a detailed "△○○☐" pattern on the front and back of the headset band, which is also used on the PS5 and DualSense wireless controllers.
I can't wait to get my hands on one to see for myself... but it will have to wait a little longer.
To stay tuned for more news and updates, sign up for the PlayStation VR2 product page, which has been updated in conjunction with this announcement!
For more information, check out the PlayStation .Blog!


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