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EDF! EDF! PlayStation Presents“PLAY! PLAY! PLAY!", introducing "Earth Defense Force 6" for 4 consecutive days!

EDF!EDF!PlayStation Presents「PLAY! PLAY! PLAY!」で「地球防衛軍6」を4日連続紹介!

August 2022 is drawing to a close, and many summer events are coming to an end.
Sendai Ikuei Gakuen High School became the first Tohoku team to win the national high school baseball championship at Koshien in summer!
The game against Shimonoseki Kokusai High School was a great game to watch, but it was Sendai Ikuei's Iwasaki's grand slam home run in the bottom of the 7th inning that really got the editorial staff of funglr Games excited, even though we were on the job! Congratulations!

The end of the Koshien Stadium marks the end of summer, but with the release of some of the hottest video game titles coming in the fall of 2022, there are probably people who are looking forward to the fall season as well as the sadness of the end of summer.
With a variety of new titles coming out in the fall, the much talked-about "Earth Defense Forces 6 " will be featured in the PlayStation Presents "PLAY!

PLAY! PLAY! PLAY!" for four consecutive days!

PlayStation Presents"PLAY! PLAY! PLAY!"
PlayStation Presents "PLAY! PLAY! PLAY!

PLAY! PLAY! PLAY!" will be broadcasted on August 24 (Wed), 25 (Thu), 26 (Fri), and 27 (Sat), 2022 for 4 consecutive days! Every day at 20:00!
D3 Publisher's latest title in the " Earth Defense Forces" series, " Earth Defense Forces 6 ", will be introduced on August 25 (Thursday), 2022!

Earth Defense Forces 6

After more than two years since the release of the teaser site, the game will finally be released, so not only fans of the series have been looking forward to the game, but also many people will be playing "Earth Defense Forces" for the first time with this title.
PLAY! PLAY! PLAY!" will be a great opportunity for those who have not played the series before to learn more about the series.
The panelists include Nobuyuki Okajima, producer from D3 Publisher, and the comedy duo "Girly" and "Girly".

Nobuyuki Okajima

Kosuke Takai and Phoenix from the comedy duo "Girly Record

Comedy duo "Girly Record

And the MC will be the well-known Hatsune Matsushima.

Hatsune Matsushima

The show will feature a 4-player online multiplayer game, 2-player offline multiplayer game,producer interviews, and much more.
PLAY! PLAY! PLAY!" may be a good opportunity for those who have been wondering whether or not to purchase the game.
In addition, 100 people will be selected by drawing from those who answer a questionnaire after watching the program to receive a " PlayStation Store T icket" code worth 1,100 yen for purchases at the PlayStation Store, so be sure to watch the program in real time! So be sure to watch the show in real time!
For more details about "PLAY! PLAY! PLAY!", please visit the official event website, and for more information about " Chikyu B oeigun 6", please visit the official website of "Chikyu Boeigun 6"!


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Introducing the topic work! PlayStation talk program "PLAY! PLAY! PLAY!] is broadcast decision over three times!
Introducing the topic work! PlayStation talk program "PLAY! PLAY! PLAY!] is broadcast...

There was a new game sale rush in the final stage in 2021, so an attention work and the work in topics are sold away in these days so that there is a person who

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