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Just before the release of Resident Evil Village! Episode 2 of "Play ♪ in Bio Village" released!

バイオハザード ヴィレッジ発売直前!「バイオ村であそぼ♪」第2話公開!

The latest title in the world-anticipated Resident Evil series, " Resident Evil Village," is set for release on May 8, 2021 (Saturday).
Have you played the " BIOHAZARD VILLAGE Gameplay Demo ", a demo version that allows you to experience a glimpse of the horror for up to 60 minutes, available for all platforms?
The demo was originally scheduled to run for 24 hours from 9:00 a.m. on Sunday, May 2, 2021, but it has been extended and will be available until 9:00 a.m. on Monday, May 10, 2021, so if you haven't played it yet, please do so!
The official image song of "Resident Evil Village" is " We don't want a village like this, Lv.100 " sung by Ikuzo Kichi, and a puppet show " Let's play in Bio Village " was released to emphasize that bio games are not scary. The "Bio Village" is a puppet show that emphasizes that bio games are not scary.
The " web commercial version " of "Let's play in the Bio Village", which could only be seen in the web commercial, is now available to the public, and if you make the mistake of gathering information, you may even think that "Bio is a fun, heartwarming game".
The most popular of these crazy promotions is the puppet show " Let's play in the Bio Village!
On Friday, May 7, 2021, one day before the release of "Resident Evil Village," the long-awaited second episode was released!

Morrow-kun is at it again! Episode 2 is now available!

The second episode of "Let's Play in Bio Village," released this time, first introduces Domito's sister ( CV: Kikuko Inoue *17 years old), Morrow ( CV: Taisuke Nishimura), Heisen ( CV: Hirotsugu Shirakuma), and Angie ( CV: Miyuki Sato) in a fun opening ceremony. The second episode will feature " Tsukute Baraso," a story about a machine that loves to work.
In the second episode, Heisen-san, who loves machines, seems to be making a " Color Killing Machine" that can easily take apart anything.
Morrow-kun offers to help, but again, he gets stuck in the machine, and it's a big problem....
What will happen this time? What will the "Kara-Killer Souchi" do? Stay tuned!
For some reason, I felt a sudden urge to listen to Kuricorder Quartet.

Episode 3 will be released soon!

The popular "Let's Play in the Resident Evil Village" was thought to be a pre-release promotion, but the third and final episode will be released on May 10, 2021 (Monday )!

Next episode will be released on Monday, May 10!
Resident Evil ヴィレッジ×人形劇"バイオ村であそぼ♪"第2話

It will be after the release of "Resident Evil Village", and something must happen to the fun village if it is the final episode...! Let's wait for the release!
You can also check out the special page for the puppet show "Let's Play in Bio Village" to see the video of the first episode and the characters of everyone in the village!
Until the release of the third and final episode, bye bye Bio~!


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