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Some games under development with the cranked portable game machine "Playdate" are released!


New portable game console " Playdate " announced in May 2019.
We were surprised to see such a unique product with a pop yellow body and a crank to turn it around.
There has been no new information about "Playdate" for a while, but now some of the third-party game titles currently under development have been announced!


Playdate's unique feel

Not all of the games announced this time will be released, but it seems that they are games that can be enjoyed with "Playdate's" unique controls, such as tilting the console and turning the crank.
Here is a list of all the announced titles at once!

In addition to these titles, "Playdate" itself is a development kit, so it is possible to create your own games!
It won't be long before many new games with new ideas will be created.

There will be an announcement within the next few months!

Even though information on the game titles has been released, we will not be able to play them until the "Playdate" console is released.
We are wondering when it will be released, but we are told that it will be announced in the next few months! There will be some surprises, so let's wait and see!
For more information on "Playdate", please visit the official website!


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese. at the moment.

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