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Let's bloom in the city with pikmin and others! "Pikmin Bloom" official announcement!

ピクミンたちと一緒に街に花を咲かせよう!「Pikmin Bloom」正式発表!

In these days of the Corona disaster, we have fewer opportunities to go out, which inevitably means fewer opportunities to exercise.
Before Corona, I used to walk around the city and visit tourist attractions with location-based games such as " Pokémon GO " and " Dragon Quest Walk," but things seem to have calmed down a bit.
Now that the restrictions have been lifted a bit, let's get back to adventures with Pokémon and other brave souls!
And when you start again, you will feel like a fresh start with a new game, not to mention the games you have been playing for years.
In March 2021, Niantic and Nintendo announced the joint development of a new smartphone app using location-based services, and now it' s official!

Niantic × 任天堂のコラボ再び!「ピクミン」を起用した新作アプリを発表!事前登録受付開始!

Take to the streets with your Pikmin! "Pikmin Bloom" announced!

Niantic and Nintendo have jointly developed a smartphone app about Pikmin called " Pikmin Bloom"!
In a video released with the announcement, John Hanke, Founder and CEO of Niantic, explains the game content of "Pikmin Bloom".


Pikmin Bloom" allows players to discover Pikmin seedlings by walking, and then grow them to create their own unique Pikmin tairaku.
Walking is a very peaceful way to create more and more Pikmin, and by walking with them, you can make flowers bloom along the path you take.
So if everyone walks with lots of Pikmin, lots of flowers will bloom all over the city! How wonderful!


In the second half of the video, Nintendo's Shigeru Miyamoto appeared and explained a little more about "Pikmin Bloom".
In "Pikmin Bloom," new Pikmin are found in new locations.
When you blow the whistle and give them instructions, they will come together and help you with tasks or carry your luggage, just like the original Pikmin.
It seems that taking pictures with Pikmin on your trip and keeping a record of your trips like a diary will be useful to record your past activities and to look back on your memories.

The service will not be available in Japan for a little while!


"Pikmin Bloom" will be launched in Singapore and Australia on October 27, 2021 Japan time!
I envy those of you in those countries who have flowers blooming all over the city by now!
The service will not be available in Japan for a little while longer, but since it is already available in Singapore and Australia, it shouldn't take that long...right?
Follow the official Pikmin Bloom Japan Twitter account (@PikminBloom_jp ) for more news!
For more information on the current announcement, please check the official Niantic website!


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese and 繁體中文. at the moment.

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