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"Pikmin Bloom" launches in Japan! Let's go out to the city with Pikmin!

「Pikmin Bloom」が日本でサービス開始!ピクミンと一緒に街へ繰り出そう!

Pikmin Bl oom" (Pikmin Bloom), a smartphone application using location-based services jointly developed by Niantic and Nintendo.
It seems to be a very peaceful game where you plant Pikmin seedlings, walk around, grow them, get them pulled out, and they follow you and only you.
A video showing how to play the game in detail was recently released, and there have been many people waiting for the launch of the service in Japan, but finally, on Monday, November 1, 2021, "Pikmin Bloom" will be available in Japan!

歩いて育てて引っこ抜いて・・・「Pikmin Bloom」の遊び方を紹介する動画が公開!

Go out with your Pikmin!

Pikmin Bloom
Pikmin Bloom
"Pikmin Bloom"公式サイト

"Pikmin Bloom" will be available for iOS and Android from November 1, 2021 (Monday )!
Free to play and item-based, iOS users can download the game from the App Store, and Android users can download it from the Google Play Store right now!
Since it is a location-based game, it does not necessarily require a smartphone with high specs up to that point, but for iOS users " iPhone 5s or later with iOS 12 or later installed " for iOS, and " Android 6.0 or higher with at least 2GB of RAM " for iOS, and " " for Android, so be sure to check your own smartphone before installing.
In addition, the official website has been opened and a help page has been published in conjunction with the launch of the service.
If you made a mistake and registered your birth date as your child's age, or if you inadvertently registered your user name as "✟ Fallen Angel of Jet Black✟", you will not be able to change it.
Please note that you will have to reinstall the software.
Well, as with any game, it's better to get used to it than to learn it! Install it now and go out on the town with your Pikmin!
For more information, please visit the official "Pikmin Bloom" website!


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese and 繁體中文. at the moment.

Let's bloom in the city with pikmin and others! "Pikmin Bloom" official announcement!
Let's bloom in the city with pikmin and others! "Pikmin Bloom" official announce...

Joint development of new SUMAHOAPURI where Niantic and Nintendo used location information service in March in 2021 was announced, that a fact "Pikmin Bloom

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