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The latest survival simulation game "Survival the Aftermath - Ruin Planet - " New promotional video released!

最新サバイバルシミュレーションゲーム「サバイビング・ジ・アフターマス -滅亡惑星-」新たなプロモーション映像が公開!

Paradox, a company with a reputation for developing historical strategy games and simulation strategy games, has released a promotional video introducing the contents of its latest game, " Surviving the Aftermath - Planet of the Ap ocalypse," which will be released on Thursday, January 27, 2022. The promotional video has been released by SEGA Corporation.
Paradox's previous game in the series, "Surviving Mars," was highly acclaimed and well received on Steam.

Survival in a post-apocalyptic world

サバイビング・ジ・アフターマス -滅亡惑星-
The post apocalyptic world

Players will build colonies and research new technologies to survive inevitable threats and regain lost civilization in a world where the risk of disasters such as acid rain and fallout are ever-present, shattering all hope for mankind.

The future after the world's destruction....
The few survivors are determined to live strongly in the face of a dead land.
To reclaim their habitat, their daily lives, their civilization
to reclaim their habitat, their daily lives, their civilization, and everything else.

"サバイビング・ジ・アフターマス -滅亡惑星-"公式サイト

Build Your Own Colony

サバイビング・ジ・アフターマス -滅亡惑星-
Building the original colony

Different types of buildings have different effects, so you can combine them to enhance your colony, the base of your activities.
The construction of colonies is an important key to restoring civilization, as the colony's population will increase and the colony will continue to grow.

Explore outside the colony

サバイビング・ジ・アフターマス -滅亡惑星-
Gathering resources outside the colony
サバイビング・ジ・アフターマス -滅亡惑星-
Exchange of goods with other communities

Specialists " have special abilities.
Specialists can explore the large world map outside the colony, gather resources, interact with other communities, and exchange goods.
Each specialist has his or her own strengths and weaknesses, so choose the "specialist" that best fits your colony.

Technical Research to Restore Civilization

サバイビング・ジ・アフターマス -滅亡惑星-
New "tech tree" element
サバイビング・ジ・アフターマス -滅亡惑星-
Gathering resources outside the colony

By using the points earned from searching for "specialists" in the " tech tree," you can learn new abilities and new building techniques.
By collecting points and advancing your research, you can create a more civilized colony.

Product Details

Title. Surviving the Aftermath
Compatibility PlayStation4/ Nintendo Switch
Release Date January 27, 2022 (Thursday)
Price Downloadable version/digital version: 5,980 yen (6,578 yen including tax)
Genre Survival Simulation
Ages CERO C classification (for ages 15 and up)

Surviving the Aftermath" is the latest title in Paradox's simulation game series, which is said to be able to keep players hooked for 1,000 hours. You can play the game over and over again.
Why not try again and again to reach 100% difficulty?
With only about two months to go until the release of the game, we can't take our eyes off the latest information.
For the latest information and more details, please visit the official "Surviving the Aftermath" website.


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