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Announced the signing of a sponsorship agreement with Paidy Co., Ltd., which provides payment service "Paydy", and professional esports team "SCARZ"!


Paidy, Inc., a provider of the " Payday" payment service.
Ltd. announced that on March 1, 2022 (Tuesday), " SCARZ," an e-sports team operated by XENOZ Corporation, and Paidy have signed a sponsorship agreement.
The sponsorship agreement will enable the official online store " SCARZ OFFICIAL STORE " operated by SCARZ to accept payments using Paidy!

What is "Payday"?


The " Payday" service was launched in October 2014 by Paidy Inc. as a " Buy Now Pay Later " service that allows customers to pay the amount spent in the following month!
The number of user accounts has exceeded 7.7 million so far, and in September 2021, " PayPal," a major U.S. payment company, acquired the service for 300 billion yen, making it the hottest buy now pay later payment service in the world!
All you have to do is select the "Pay later" option in the payment method section of the store and enter your email address, cell phone number, and a 4-digit verification code sent to you via SMS.
No prior registration is required, and you can use this convenient service even if you do not have a credit card on hand!
Payment can be made at convenience stores, bank transfers, or account transfers, according to the payment instructions sent at a later date.
Also, by installing the "Payday" application, you can check your monthly usage history and make payments by simply showing the payment screen on the application.
And, although the scary thing about deferred payment is that you may accidentally overpay and then fall to your knees when you see the billing amount later, if you verify your identity with the PAYDEE app, you can also make 3 installment payments in 3 installments with no installment fees, although only by bank transfer or direct deposit. This is a great way to make your purchases a little taller.
This makes it easier to make a slightly taller purchase.

What is the e-sports team SCARZ?


SCARZ was launched in 2012 and incorporated as a professional e-sports team in 2015.
The name SCARZ comes from the meaning of a being that continues to leave a mark in people's hearts, and as one of the largest teams in Japan, they are a popular e-sports team with many achievements in domestic and international tournaments and a large fan base.
Under the slogan "KEEP IT REAL," SCARZ aims to create a path where everyone involved with SCARZ can continue to be genuine, work as genuine professionals, and pursue their dreams together.
SCARZ has recently participated in the Apex Legends Global Series Championship 2021 - EMEA, the biggest competition on the competitive scene for the popular FPS "Apex Legends", and won the championship. The SCARZ Europe team has made great strides, winning the championship!

Available from mid-March 2022!

Paidy and SCARZ Sign Agreement

SCARZ OFFICIAL STORE, the official online store operated by SCARZ, will be able to use the "Payday " service from mid-March 2022!
The introduction of Payday in the official online store SCARZ OFFICIAL STORE will make shopping even easier!
Why don't you use " Payday " when you make a purchase!
We can't take our eyes off Paidy Corporation, which is expanding its market, and SCARZ, an e-sports team that has been successful in various tournaments in the future!

Comments from the representatives

Message from Mr. Tomoshu Hashimoto, Executive Vice President, Paidy, Inc.

Paidy's brand purpose is "to create a world where people can have confidence in their dreams and room in their hearts," and we are honored to support the innovative challenge of the SCARZ team, which is at the forefront of e-sports in Japan, through this sponsorship.
We look forward to working with everyone involved and their fans to support the SCARZ members in their quest to reach the top of the world and to help them "create a path that allows them to continue pursuing their dreams".


Greetings from Yoichi Tomori, President of SCARZ

SCARZ is pleased to announce that we have signed a sponsorship agreement with Paidy.
First of all, as a representative of SCARZ, I would like to express our sincere gratitude for this agreement.
We are very pleased to be working with Paidy, a leading service provider in the industry, and this is a great step forward for us.
We are also working to create a space where new dreams and smiles can come true through e-sports.
We are determined to grow as a team to achieve our dream of being able to challenge from the same perspective.
We will be collaborating with Paidy through the SCARZ store page, so please keep your eyes on us.
We look forward to working with Paidy and SCARZ in the future.



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