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"Puzzle Dora" ×" "< Story > Series" collaboration second installment! Held from May 23, 2022 (Mon)!


The " Monogatari" series, a series of ghost stories for young people written by Ishin Nishio, is now in its fifth season.
The original story has been published up to the fifth season, and the fifth season, "Monster Season," was completed in the summer of 2021.
In January 2021, the series collaborated with Puzzle & Dragons (hereinafter referred to as "Puzzle Dora"), a puzzle RPG game operated by Gungho Online Entertainment, which became a hot topic!
The Monogatari series will hold its second collaboration event with Puzzle & Dragons starting on May 23, 2022!

The "Monogatari" series collaboration is back! New characters such as "Oshino Fan" and "Raiku Ookura" will appear in this event!

"パズドラ"×"〈物語〉シリーズ"コラボ第二弾PR TIMES

Monday, May 23, 2022 The second collaboration event between the popular TV anime series "Monogatari " and " Pazdora " is now being held!
The collaboration with the "Monogatari " series is back after a year since January 2021, and this time, new characters such as " Oshino Fan ", " Raiku Ookura ", " Episode " & "quot;Teori Sogen" will be added to the lineup. quot; Teori Sogen " and other important characters from the storyline will appear in this collaboration!
In addition, some of the characters that appeared in the first round, such as Senjogahara Hitagi, Hanekawa Tsubasa, and Oshino Shinobu, will also have reincarnation and assist evolutions added to them!

New characters

Fan Oshino


Ikumi Shirakura




Hand Folded Sine


If you get "Ikume Ookura" for the first time, you will be able to unlock the " Monogatari" series drop 2, which includes "Yosoaki Axe Nogi" and "Oshino Fan".

〈物語〉シリーズドロップ2PR TIMES

Commemorating the "Monogatari Series Collaboration Gacha! Monogatari Series Collaboration Gacha" distribution!

May 23, 2022 (Monday) 10:00 - June 6, 2022 (Monday) 09:59 Log in to Pazudora during the "Monogatari" series collaboration period and you will receive the " Monogatari " series collaboration gacha. Monogatari Collaboration Gacha " for one free draw!
Don't forget to receive it from your in-game mail!
The characters from the previous collaboration have been reintroduced with adjusted abilities, evolutions, and assist evolutions, and many new characters have been added!
This is the first collaboration in a year, so why don't you take this opportunity to get the characters you couldn't get last time or the new ones that have appeared!
The performance and evolution information of the new characters is available on the official website, so be sure to check it out!

Outline of Collaboration
Period Monday, May 23, 2022 10:00 - Monday, June 6, 2022 09:59
Collaboration Gacha 7 magic stones! Monogatari Series Gacha
Commemorative event! Monogatari Series Collaboration Gacha
1 magic stone + Monogatari series gacha
Monogatari series gacha: 20 magic stones + confirmed 7 or more Monogatari series gacha
20 Magic Stone + confirmed Hanekawa Tsubasa Gacha
20 Magic Stone + Fixed Monogatari series gacha
Collaboration Dungeon Monogatari Series
Monogatari Series Challenge! (One-time only!)
Cooperation! Monogatari Series! (3 players only)
Other Collaboration characters are lined up at the Monster Exchange!


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese and 繁體中文. at the moment.

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