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Characters of "Tokyo 卍 Revengers" and "Flame Fire Brigade" appear in Pazdra! Magazine collaboration holding decision!


Puzzle & Dragons" (hereafter referred to as "Pazudora"), a puzzle RPG for smartphones presented by Gungho, is a popular title that is said to have ignited the popularity of smartphone games.
This popular title is said to have sparked the popularity of smartphone games, and celebrated its ninth anniversary this February. Many people who have picked up a smartphone have probably played the game at least once. One of Pazudora's attractions is its collaborations with various works. Recently, collaborations with the latest popular anime such as Jutsu Line and Demon Slayer have become the talk of the town.

The next collaboration information was announced on November 2 during the "Pazudora Official Broadcast: Autumn News SP", where the " Tokyo Manji Revengers " and "Flame Firefighters" characters were newly added along with the latest information such as the enhancement of existing characters. Magazine All Stars Collaboration" (hereafter referred to as "Magazine Collaboration"), in which "Tokyo Manji Revengers" and "Flame Firefighters" characters were newly added!

パズドラ生放送 パズドラ公式生放送

The "Magazine All Stars Collaboration" has been announced!

マガジンコラボ パズドラ公式Twitter

The "Magazine All-Stars Collaboration" has been held several times in the past, and each time it has been reissued, new characters have been added and existing characters have been strengthened, but this time, characters from "Tokyo Manji Revengers" and "Flaming Fire Brigade" will be added!

From "Tokyo Manji Revengers", Budo Hanagaki,Manjiro Sano,Ken Ryuguji, andChifuyu Matsuno will appear!

花垣武道 パズドラ公式生放送
佐野万次郎 パズドラ公式生放送
龍宮寺堅 パズドラ公式生放送

Also, Kusakabe Morira,Arthur Boyle, andBenimaru Shinmon will appear from the "Flaming Fire Brigade"!

森羅日下部 パズドラ公式生放送
アーサー・ボイル パズドラ公式生放送
新門紅丸 パズドラ公式生放送

The Magazin Collaboration Gacha only consumes 5 magic stones, making it easy to pull off among recent gachas, and the 6-star characters are all excellent, so if you don't have a character, you should definitely try to get one from this collaboration!

Of course, the characters from previous popular magazine titles such as " Golden Gash Bells," "The Seven Deadly Sins," and "FAIRY TAIL" will appear in this year's event as well! More information is expected to follow, so there may be additional characters and surprises. The collaboration will start at 10:00 a.m. on November 8, so wait a little longer for the collaboration to begin!

Check the official Twitter and website for more information!

マガジンコラボ パズドラ公式生放送

At this stage, only the collaboration and the characters will be announced, and further information will be announced on the official Pazudora Twitter account(@pad_sexy ) and the official Pazudora website!

In addition to the collaboration information, many enhancements to existing characters were announced in this live broadcast. It's very nice to see characters we used to use being enhanced to match the environment and being able to use them on the front lines again! For those of you who have always played Pazudora, or even those who have been away from Pazudora for a while recently, this is a good time to give it a try.

We still have archives of this live broadcast, so be sure to check them out!


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese and 繁體中文. at the moment.

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Samspi and Pazdra are a collaboration! Deliver Pazdra costume to Samspi and Samspian chara...

The next collaboration partner is a puzzle game "PAZUDORA" fact for very popular smart phone of a cancer hoe "puzzle and Dragons"! Moreover

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