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That character of "Baki road" participates in a new battle! Pazdra "Champion All Stars Collaboration" held!


Puzzle & Dragons" or "Pazudora " is the game that sparked the popularity of smartphone games.

The recent smartphone games have introduced beautiful graphics and interesting systems, and many new games have entered the market and many services have been terminated. Among these games, Puzzle & DoraGonz continues to evolve and lead the industry while preserving the initial gameplay, and will finally celebrate its 10th anniversary next year on February 20, 2022.

Pazudora has always been a fascinating game of collaborations, and there have been many collaborations with trendy anime and unexpected major titles, and collaborations are reprinted with some regularity, and characters acquired in the past are enhanced so that they can be used in the latest dungeons. The very good thing about Pazudora's collaborations is that the characters obtained in the past are enhanced and can be used in the latest dungeons.

The next Pazudora collaboration is the "Champion All Stars Collaboration! Of course, the existing characters will be strengthened and new characters will be added, so whether you are playing this collaboration for the first time or already own a character, you will be able to enjoy it this time!

December 9, 2021, 16:00, some contents modified.

New characters added! Champion All Stars Collaboration" is now open!

チャンピオンオールスターズコラボPR TIMES

The "Champion All Stars Collaboration" is a reprinted collaboration featuring characters from "Bakido" and "Yowamushi Pedal". The new characters in this reprint are from "Bakido", with "Biscuit Oliva " and "Tsuyoki Shibukawa" added to the gacha, and "Kaoru Hanayama, the best fighter in Japan" will appear in a new version of the gacha at the exchange. Kaoru Hanayama, the best fighter in Japan, will appear in a different version from the gacha!

Cookie Oliva is one of the most powerful characters in the series, using his overwhelming muscle mass to overpower his enemies, and Tsuyoki Shibukawa is a popular character who fights using aikido despite his old age. Each is available in an evolution and two assist evolutions, giving them a variety of forms! We are very much looking forward to seeing how these new characters will perform in the dungeons!

ビスケット・オリバPR TIMES

Also, the first time you get Tsuyoshi Shibukawa from the gacha, you will get a "Shonen Champion Drop 3"! The first time you get Goki Shibukawa from the gacha, you will also get a "Shonen Champion Drop 3"!


For more details, please visit the special collaboration site!

We have reported on the "Champion All Stars Collaboration" with a focus on new characters, but existing characters will also make a reappearance, and their abilities have been adjusted and various power-ups have been added to match the environment, such as assist evolutions! There is a good chance that characters from the "Champion All Stars Collaboration" that you have not used much until now will be active on the front lines at once, so please check out the special collaboration site for more information! You can also check out the illustrations of each character in high resolution.

The collaboration period will last two weeks, from December 6 to December 20. We expect Pazudora to become even more exciting towards the end of the year, so stay tuned for more information! For the latest information, check out the official Pazudora Twitter!


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