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"PAC-MAN MUSEUM+" 2022 release that includes 14 titles from Pac-Man's masterpieces!

パックマンの名作から14タイトルが収録される「PAC-MAN MUSEUM+」2022年発売!

Pac-Man is so popular and well-known in the U.S. that it has been called the "Mickey Mouse of the 80's".
I am sure that everyone has played Pac-Man at least once.
The "PAC-MAN MUSEUM" is a collection of masterpieces from the world-famous Pac-Man.
PAC-MAN MUSEUM+" will be released in 2022 on PlayStation4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and Steam!
With Pac-Man games from a variety of genres, old and new, this is one you're sure to enjoy!

What is Pac-Man?


Pac-Man is an arcade game or series of arcade games released by Namco (now Namco Bandai Entertainment) on May 22, 1980, and is the company's signature title and character.
Aimed mainly at women and couples, a location test was held in Shibuya on May 22, 1980, and the game was launched in Japan in July 1980.

Included titles

  • Pac-Man
  • Super Pacman
  • Pac & Pals
  • Pac-Land
  • Pacmania
  • Pac Attack
  • Pac In Time
  • Pacman Arrangement Arcade ver.
  • Pacman Arrangement CS (Consumer) ver.
  • Pacman Championship Edition
  • Pac-Motos
  • Pac'n'Roll Remix
  • Pacman Battle Royale
  • Pac-Man 256

These 14 titles are included in the collection.
In addition, there are 5 titles in this title that can be played simultaneously offline and 6 titles that allow 2 players to take turns playing, so you can enjoy Pac-Man games with your family and friends.

Customize to Your Own Taste


Coins can be earned for achievements in each game, which can be used to play arcade games or to purchase customizable items in the game center, which is used as a title selection screen.
Customization items can also be obtained by completing missions for each title, so play lots of games and customize the game center to your liking!

This is a compilation of big titles, so we can't wait to see what's next!
For more information, check out the official "PAC-MAN MUSEUM+" website!


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"PAC-MAN MUSEUM+" 2022 release that includes 14 titles from Pac-Man's masterpieces!
"PAC-MAN MUSEUM+" 2022 release that includes 14 titles from Pac-Man's masterpiec...

From Pac-Man the whole world knows, a famous story, more than one, filmed "PAC-MAN MUSEUM+" was PlayStation4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and Steam in 2

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