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"PAC-MAN Championship Edition 2" is being distributed for free on PS4, Xbox One and Steam!

「PAC-MAN Championship Edition2」がPS4・Xbox One・Steamで無料配布中!

The game " Pacman " was introduced in 1980 and is still enjoyed all over the world.
The game is a legendary game that can be enjoyed by players of all ages and genders, from first-time players to experienced players, with its ear-catching background music and simple yet profound gameplay.
PAC-MAN Championship Edition 2, released in 2016, is now available for free!

Free on PS4, Xbox One, and Steam!

" PAC-MAN Championship Edition 2 " is a new version of PAC-MAN with beautiful 3D graphics and speedy gameplay, while maintaining the original PAC-MAN gameplay.
The game not only takes advantage of the 3D graphics to create a three-dimensional effect, but also includes an " Adventure Mode " in which a giant boss chases after you! It is a simple title that can be played for a long time!

This classic title is now available for free on PS4, Xbox One, Ste am and other platforms!
You can download it for free on PS4, Xbox One, Steam, and other platforms!
Download it now from PlayStation Store for PS4 users ,Xbox LIVE for Xbox One users , andSteam for PC users!

Free distribution ends May 10!

"PAC-MAN Championship Edition 2" will be available for free until Sunday, May 10, 2020! Hurry up, because it will end soon!
If you don't usually play games or are looking to play games with your family, PAC-MAN with its simple controls is perfect for you!
Whether you want to master the PAC-MAN way by yourself or get together with others, let's play this reincarnated masterpiece!
For more information about "PAC-MAN Championship Edition 2", please visit the official website!


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