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The release date of "Overwatch 2" has been decided on Wednesday, October 5th! It's free to play!


At the Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase 2022, an online distribution event that took place in the early hours of Monday, June 13, 2022 (Japan time), a surprise announcement was made!
The long-awaited " Overwatch 2 " will be released on Wednesday, October 5, 2022 with free-to-play base game!
Overwatch 2" is the sequel to the first "Overwatch" and is a popular team action FPS title in which players will be able to fight using a variety of unique characters and their abilities.

Trailer Released

It has been 6 years since "Overwatch" was released in May 2016.
The trailer for "Overwatch 2" begins with a line taken from several cinematic trailers that have been released in the past.
I've been watching "Overwatch" since the day it was released, and within the first 30 seconds, I started to cry.

There is no journey without an end. But it is also the beginning of a new journey.

New Hero "Junker Queen

The trailer immediately unveils the " Junker Queen," the queen of Junkertown, which is also the root of Junkrat and Roadhog.
Holding an axe in her left hand and a shotgun in her right, the "Junker Queen" will be playable as a new tank hero starting Wednesday, October 5.

New Hero "Junker Queen

The axe can be used like a roadhog by throwing it at an enemy and pulling it away, or it can be seen buzzing around and charging at the enemy.
It seems to be controlled by generating magnetic force with the arm equipment.


The character design has been carefully rearranged.
The game is free to play, so there will be more effort put into customization elements such as skins than ever before.

"View Weapons" and "Charms"

The "look at your weapon " action familiar to shooters will also be implemented in "Overwatch 2.
The video also shows that the weapons will have charms on them.

New skins

And of course, there are new skins!


Then, suddenly, a blue, glowing fox-like animal appears.
Torii gates and stone walls appear in the path of the fast-moving fox, and the video shows an allied hero following behind it.

New Hero Clues

It's hard to see in the video because it's just a moment, but running behind them are Zaria (tank), Genji (damage), Hanzo (damage), and Ana (support).
In other words, the theory is that this new hero is a support.
Furthermore, since the new map is Japanese in style and Genji and Hanzo are Japanese, a theory has emerged that this new hero is the third Japanese person in Overwatch.

It is unclear if the fox is the hero himself or one of the skills that the hero activates.


Founder's Pack

As a token of our appreciation, we will be giving away exclusive in-game icons, epic skins, and more to Overwatch owners on Friday, June 24, 2022, at 3:00 a.m. Japan time!
To receive the "Founder's Pack", players must log in to the live game by 4:59 p.m. Japan time on Tuesday, December 6, 2022.
For more information, please visit the official Overwatch website.

More news later this week!

Overwatch 2

Fans were expecting the release date of Overwatch 2 to be announced at the " Save the Date " online event scheduled to take place on Friday, June 17, 2022 (Japan time).
The surprise announcement five days prior to the event has caused a lot of excitement.

However, the online event has not been lost, so let's hope for new information to be released!
I'm looking forward to hearing more about the new heroes and PvE mode, as well as plans for an open beta test.
It is possible that the PvE mode will be paid for, like in Fortnite.
Information about Overwatch 2 will continue to be posted on the official Overwatch website and Twitter account (@jpPlayOverwatch ), so don't forget to follow us!


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