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SIM with voice call is 792 yen per month! Registration administration fee is free, and we will introduce "NURO MOBILE" which is perfect for a spare line!


KDDI's massive communication outage occurred in the early hours of Saturday, July 2, 2022.
"au", "UQ mobile", "povo" and other mobile communication users provided by KDDI were unable to make data communications and calls, which was a very serious situation.
Such system failures are bound to occur at some point, no matter which service you use.
The smartphone, which has already become a part of our daily life infrastructure, may become unusable, emergency calls may not be made, and so on.
Many people sign up for multiple lines to avoid such risks!
By subscribing to multiple carriers, even if one of them experiences a system failure, there is no problem as long as you have a backup line!
In this article, we will introduce you to NURO Mobile, which offers three lines to choose from: an au line, a docomo line, and a SoftBank line!

NURO Mobile

What is NURO Mobile?

NUROモバイルの特徴NURO Mobile

Many gamers may be familiar with NURO, which is famous for its high-speed fiber-optic lines.
NURO Mobile" introduced this time applies the AI technology of the " Sony Group," which is well known for PlayStation, to provide efficient communication and other services.
The company offers a variety of rate plans to suit your lifestyle, and you can use your excess data capacity the following month, and there is no 3-day limit, which can be troublesome to manage !
You can also use your excess data capacity the following month, and there is no three-day communication limit to worry about!
Of course, 5G, the next generation of communication, is also supported, and after signing a contract, it is as easy as inserting the SIM card, which is delivered as soon as possible on the same day, into your phone and setting it up to complete the switchover!
For these reasons, NURO Mobile was awarded the " 2021 Oricon Customer Satisfaction Survey: No. 1 Low-Cost SIM Overall "!
NURO Mobile also supports triple carriers, allowing you to choose the carrier that best suits your location and usage scenario.

Supported carriers/plan names

  • docomo line (d plan)
  • SoftBank line (S Plan)
  • au Line (Plan A)

No matter which one you choose, the price is the same!

NURO Mobile

SIM with voice call service is 792 yen/month! No administration fee now!

事務手数料無料NURO Mobile

NURO Mobile offers a VS (3GB) SIM plan with voice service starting at 792 yen/month, and if you switch from another company, the registration processing fee of 3,300 yen is now waived!
Plus, the basic monthly fee is 0 yen for the first month of use!

料金表NURO Mobile

If you just want to use it as a backup line, we recommend the VS plan with 3GB of capacity, but you can also take advantage of the " Value Data Free," which allows you to count no data charges when using LINE, and the "Giga Plus"" which allows you to receive additional capacity every three months if you continue using the plan. We also recommend the VM/VL plan, which comes with "Giga Plus"" which allows you to receive additional capacity every three months if you continue to use it !

Why not consider using NURO Mobile?
For more information about this service, please visit the official NURO Mobile website.

NURO Mobile


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