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The game app "Nogizaka-like Fractal" that can produce Nogizaka 46 only for you is officially released!


gumi, Inc. announces the release of " Nogizaka Fractal" (" Nogizaka Fractal "), a game application for smartphones based on the concept of "Produce Your Own Nogizaka46" on the App Store and Google Play from Thursday, August 12, 2021. Nogizaka46 is a game application for smartphones based on the concept of "Produce Nogizaka46".

Produce Nogizaka46 freely!

Nogizaka46's "Nogi Hula" was released on Monday, February 22, 2021 at the "Nogizaka46 9th YEAR BIRTHDAY LIVE - Eve Festival", garnering attention and raising fans' expectations. Hula".
The game is based on the concept of "Produce your own Nogizaka46" in which users act as producers of Nogizaka46 and support the growth of the group's members.
The game has a variety of features that will appeal to a wide range of fans.

Free composition to put your guess at the center!

Free member formation

In a live performance called "Produce," you can freely select up to six members and designate your favorite as the center.
You can also dress each member in a different costume to recreate your own ideal live performance that cannot be seen in real life.

Beautiful and comfortable live performance and costumes of the past!

3D Live Performance

The live performance is a 3D reproduction of the new Nogizaka46 dance for the 6-member group, created for the app under the supervision of an actual choreographer.
The sound system is also designed for live performances, so even though this is a smartphone game, the live performance can be enjoyed with a realistic feel.
Live performances can also be played on autoplay, allowing the members to grow and develop without complicated operations.

Costumes from past generations also make an appearance

Furthermore, you can use costumes from previous generations in live performances, allowing you to find your favorite outfit and recreate the live performance as you imagined it, creating a completely new Nogizaka46.

The app is packed with exclusive content!

Limited Content

Nogihura" contains more than 1,000 exclusive and completely new photos, videos, and voices, which can be obtained as rewards for getting to know the members better.
You can archive the contents on the "Memories" screen and look back on them anytime, anywhere.

Now with a great reward! Download now!

Nogihura" is now officially released with over 300,000 pre-registrations, and pre-registration rewards are now being given away to all users.
Just by downloading the game and clearing the tutorial, you will be able to get gorgeous rewards such as gacha (gacha ticket).
In addition, as part of the release commemorative campaign, users can log in every day to receive items useful for game progress, as well as limited stills of all members who log in for 43 consecutive days.

Pre-registration Rewards

Nogihura" is a free-to-play game with high quality and enjoyment.
Download the game now to get a head start on the game and get some great rewards!
For more information about the game, campaign details, and download, check out the official website and Twitter!


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