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Japan's famous IP becomes NFT! "ULTRAMAN" appeared in NFT Marketplace "XANALIA"! Released worldwide!


NOBORDER.z FZE (NOBORDER.z), the company that recently announced the NFT trading card game "NFT DUEL" for the Metaverse, has announced the global expansion of its popular 3DCG anime " ULTRAMAN a popular 3DCG animation series available exclusively on Netflix, on the NFT marketplace "XANALIA" and announced the global expansion of the series.

What is "ULTRAMAN"?


ULTRAMAN" is a Japanese manga series by Eiichi Shimizu and Tomohiro Shimoguchi, set several decades after Tsuburaya Productions' well-known special effects TV drama "Ultraman".
It was first serialized in the monthly magazine Heroes and later in the web manga distribution service Comipre.
It was adapted into a full 3DCG anime in 2019 and is now available worldwide on Netflix in 11 languages.
The production of SEASON 2 has been decided, and SEASON 2 is scheduled for simultaneous worldwide exclusive distribution on Netflix in the spring of 2022.

The main shareholders are the Kinoshita Group, which owns the animation studio Gaina, and Shogakukan Creat ive, a member of the publishing giant Shogakukan Group.

What are "NFT DUEL" & "XANALIA"?


NOBORDER.z is the company behind the NFT marketplace "XANALIA," and last week announced "NFT DUEL," an NFT trading card game compatible with the Metaverse.
NFT trading cards will be sold in XANALIA, and users who purchase them will be able to trade them freely in XANALIA and OpenSea.
In last week's announcement, NFT DUEL was said to be an NFT trading card game without a specific character or protagonist, but rather an adaptation of an NFT IP (intellectual property) such as an anime, game, manga, artist, athlete, etc. Many were wondering which IP would be the first to be announced. Many of you may have been wondering which IP would be the first to be announced, and now it has been announced that "ULTRAMAN" will make its debut.

A Twitter account dedicated to NFT has also been launched!

In conjunction with this announcement, a dedicated Twitter account (@ultraman_nft) for "ULTRAMAN" NFT has also been opened.

The company plans to go beyond just NFT and create games using NFT, and will pursue new possibilities and revitalization of Japanese content created by Japanese creators around the world.
We can look forward to a future where "ULTRAMAN" will dominate the world with NFT through "XANALIA".
We are sure that new information will be released in the future, so be sure to check out " XANALIA " and the dedicated "ULTRAMAN" NFT Twitter account (@ultraman_nft)!
(If you do not have a cryptocurrency (virtual currency) account yet, we recommend that you open one at a cryptocurrency exchange such as SBI VC Trade or bitFlyer.)


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NOBORDER.z, which handles "XANALIA", announces "NFT DUEL", a metaverse-compatible NFT trading card game!
NOBORDER.z, which handles "XANALIA", announces "NFT DUEL", a metaverse...

"NOBORDER.z FZE" which deals with NFT METABASU "XANA (ZANA)" (in the following, NOBORDER.z) released the METABASU correspondence type NFT tr

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