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Nintendo TOKYO starts accepting web limited lottery sales of Animal Crossing Amibo cards and ring fit!

Nintendo TOKYOでどうぶつの森amiiboカードやリングフィットのWEB限定抽選販売受付開始!

Nintendo items are very popular all over the world and are often in short supply.
The " Game & Watch Super Mario Bros." and " Mario Kart Live Home Circ uit" announced during the recent "Super Mario Bros. 35th Anniversary Direct" sold out immediately after pre-orders began.
The popular Nintendo Switch console, " Ring Fit Adventure " and " Animal Crossing amiibo card " are now available for purchase through a limited web lottery at Nintendo TOKYO.

スーパーマリオ35周年記念「ゲーム&ウオッチ スーパーマリオブラザーズ」発売決定!

Apply for the lottery using a Livepocket ticket!

This time, the lottery sale will include a custom color Joy-Con " Nintendo Switch Blue/Neon Yellow ", Nintendo Switch exclusive software "Ring Fit Adventure", and " Animal Crossing amiibo card". Crossing amiibo card ".
The "Animal Crossing amiibo cards" are for the first four amiibo cards and the "Animal Crossing+" amiibo cards.
Up to 10 packs of each type can be purchased, for a total of 50 packs.

Once again, it is necessary to purchase a "pre-order ticket" (free of charge) or "Animal Crossing amiibo card purchase ticket" (free of charge) for the applicable product on the " Livepocket ticket " electronic ticketing site.
If you do not have a Livepocket ticket account, you will need to create one (free of charge).
To create an account, please visit the "Livepocket ticket" registration page.

The lottery application period is until September 10, 2020 (Thursday) at 23:59, and the winner will receive an email to their registered email address on September 12, 2020 (Saturday ).
Winners will be able to purchase the product at a fixed price, but they will only be able to pick up and pay for the product at Nintendo TOKYO stores.
Also, please note that the winners will be required to show the " My Ticket" screen of "Livepocket ticket" and a photo ID (photocopies not accepted) that confirms their name and date of birth when making the purchase.
The purchase period is from Monday, September 14, 2020 to Sunday, September 20, 2020 during Nintendo TOKYO's business hours.
Please note that no cancellations or changes can be made after you have been selected.
Other application guidelines and precautions will be provided on the reservation ticket purchase screen, so be sure to check them carefully and agree to them before you apply!

Purchase through authorized channels.

Popular Nintendo items continue to be difficult to obtain.
The recently announced "Game & Watch Super Mario Bros.", "Mario Kart Live Home Circuit", the "Animal Crossing amiibo card" and "Ring However, if you look at some e-commerce sites, you will find that some of them are being sold at high resale prices.
If you buy resale items, you will not be able to stop people from reselling them, so please make sure you get them through the proper channels and not through resale!
Again, the only place to pick up the game is at Nintendo TOKYO stores, so those who have difficulty visiting Nintendo TOKYO during the pickup period may want to hold off on applying for the game.
Also, if you complete your application within the period, you will be eligible for the lottery, so if you have trouble accessing the site, give yourself some time to get in!


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