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Nintendo Switch with ring fit and special color is now available for lottery!

Nintendo TOKYOでリングフィットと特別カラーのNintendo Switchの抽選販売受付開始!

Although the Nintendo Switch has been in short supply for some time, it has recently calmed down and the regular version can now be purchased on a regular basis.
I think I'm seeing more and more often that I see it for sale at electronics retailers that I stop by.
It's a really good thing that the shortage has been resolved and those who want it can now buy it at the regular price.
Now that the console is available, I think the next thing people who get a Nintendo Switch will want is a " Ring Fit Adventure.
There have been a lot of lottery sales, but the competition is so high that I have never been able to win one!
Nintendo TOKYO has again started a limited web lottery for the "Ring Fit Adventure" and a special color Nintendo Switch console !

「Nintendo TOKYO」にスプラトゥーンの新グッズ「INK YOU UP」シリーズが追加!キミも夏色に染まらなイカ?

Apply for the lottery using a Livepocket ticket!

This lottery sale is for the "Ring Fit Adventure " software for Nintendo Switch and the " Nintendo Switch Blue/Neon Yellow " console with a special color Joy-Con.
With Nintendo Switch Customize currently on hiatus, it's great to see a console with a different color Joy-Con!

Once again, you will need to purchase a "pre-order ticket" (free of charge ) for the applicable product on the " Livepocket ticket " e-ticketing site.
If you do not have a Livepocket ticket account, you will need to create one (free of charge).
To create an account, please visit the "Livepocket ticket" registration page.

The lottery application period ends at 23:59 on Thursday, August 27, 2020, and winners will receive an email to their registered email address on Saturday, August 29, 2020.
Winners will be able to purchase the product at a fixed price, but they will only be able to pick up and pay for the product at Nintendo TOKYO stores.
Also, please note that the winners will be required to show the " My Ticket" screen of "Livepocket ticket" and a photo ID with their name and date of birth (photocopies are not acceptable) when making the purchase.
The purchase period is from Monday, August 31, 2020 to Sunday, September 6, 2020 during Nintendo TOKYO's business hours.
Please note that no cancellations or changes can be made after you have been selected.
Other application guidelines and precautions are listed on the reservation ticket purchase screen, so be sure to check them carefully and make sure you agree with them before applying!

You already have an account, right?

This will be the third lottery since the lottery application method was changed to "Livepocket ticket".
You must have already created a "Livepocket ticket" account and become familiar with the application process! Let's apply!

This time, too, the tickets can only be picked up at Nintendo TOKYO stores, so if it is difficult for you to visit Nintendo TOKYO during the pickup period, please refrain from applying for the tickets.
Also, if you complete the application within the period, you will be eligible for the lottery, so if you have trouble accessing the site, please try to access the site after a certain time!


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