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Nintendo announces that nintendo switch will be shipped in the future! If you wait, you can get it regularly!

任天堂がNintendo Switchを今後も出荷予定と発表!待てば正規で手に入る!

As of April 2020, the Nintendo Switch has been the most difficult console to obtain, as demand for video game consoles has been increasing due to the self-restraint from going outside.
The worldwide popularity of "Atsumare Animal Crossing," which was released on March 20, and "Ring Fit Adventure," a game that helps people get some exercise while they're away from the house, has led to a shortage of these games.
Auction sites and flea market apps are reselling them at high prices, making them even more difficult to obtain.
If you are thinking of buying from a reseller because you really want one, stop!
Nintendo has officially announced that the Nintendo Switch will be shipping this week and beyond!

The Atsumori set will also be shipping!

Nintendo announced on their official Twitter account

[Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite will be shipping this week and thereafter. The "Atsumare Animal Crossing" main unit set is scheduled to ship in late April. Many will be available online at e-commerce sites and retailers. Please check with your retailer for details.


The announcement was made on their official Twitter account. "We're also happy to announce that the Atsumare Animal Crossing console set will continue to ship in the future.
As of April 7, 2020, it was announced that only pre-orders would be shipped that week, which led to rumors that production would be temporarily halted and resale prices to soar even higher, but if they continue to ship, you can buy them at regular prices if you wait!
Reservations on the official website for April 15, 2020 have been closed, but a series of lottery sales are scheduled to take place at various electronics retailers.

By purchasing resale items, resellers will be able to buy them up again.
Do not buy from resellers. This will help prevent overpriced resale, so please consider purchasing legitimately!


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