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It is not that the hesel is the choice! "Family Computer & Super NES Nintendo Switch Online" December Additional Titles Announced!

へべれけがチョイスされるとは!「ファミリーコンピュータ&スーパーファミコン Nintendo Switch Online」12月の追加タイトル発表!

Nintendo Switch Online subscribers can play the best titles from the NES and SNES on the Nintendo Switch with the " Family Computer & Super Nintendo Famicom Nintendo Switch Online " service.
In September, five Super NES titles were added to the service, including "Super Mario Collection" to commemorate the 35th anniversary of "Super Mario Bros.
Many people were happy to see the distribution of " Wild Guns," a super-premium software title.
Recently, additional titles have been distributed every two months in May, July, and September, so when there was no distribution in November, I wondered if there would be any more additions this year. "But that can't be true!
The December additions to "Family Computer & Super Nintendo Switch Online" have been announced!

スーパードンキーコング2も!「ファミリーコンピュータ&スーパーファミコン Nintendo Switch Online」9月の追加タイトル発表!

Five additional titles, four for the SNES and one for the NES!

December 2020 will see a massive addition of 5 new titles, 4 from the Super NES and1 from the NES Disk System!
Our lineup is rich with sequels to recently distributed titles, and even a few rare ones!

It's Kuniokun's Dodgeball, Everybody!

Kuniokun's Dodgeball!

This is a series in which the hot-blooded and hard-nosed Kuniokun you all know plays various sports!
Released in 1993, this is a Super Nintendo (SNES) remake of " Nekketsu High School Dodgeball Club," which first appeared in arcades and was later ported to the SNES, making it the first sports title for the SNES.
This title takes advantage of the Super Famicom's specs to offer not only graphics and action, but also stages, gimmicks, special shots, characters, and more, all of which have been upgraded.

Super Donkey Kong 3

スーパードンキーコング 3
Super Donkey Kong 3

Super Donkey Kong 3 is the final title in the Super Donkey Kong series on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, to which "Super Donkey Kong 2" was added in September.
In "Super Donkey Kong 2," Donkey Kong was kidnapped and Dedee and Dixie went on a journey to find him, but in "Super Donkey Kong 3," not only Donkey but Dedee is missing. Again, as promised...
In "Super Donkey Kong 3," Dixie and Dinky, the baby Kong she met on Clemmis Island, set out on a journey to find them.
Use the quick Dixie and the powerful Dinky to conquer the island!

Fire Fighting

Fire Fighting

Fire Fighting is a rescue action game in which you control the main character, a firefighter, as he rescues victims left behind at the scene of a fire.
It is a unique title that aims to save lives instead of defeating enemies like in regular action games.
The mission is completed when the player understands the structure of the building at the meeting before the mission starts, rescues the victims in the shortest distance, rescues the specified number of people within the time, and escapes from the building.
Talking to your friends will allow you to replenish and exchange items, so use them to rescue as many people as you can!

Awesome Slob!

Amazing Hebereke

This is a fighting game in which SUNSOFT's representative characters, " Hebe, " fight against each other!
This is not a typical one-on-one fighting game with a side view, but a four-player game with a view down.
Use your normal attacks, your character's unique " Supesharu Attack ", " Aim", and " Toratoppu " on the stage to survive to the end!
You may think it's a loose character game, but you'll find yourself in heated battles, so we recommend playing against other players!

Smash Ping Pong

Smash Ping Pong

This is a ping-pong game released in 1987 on the Famicom Disk System.
You would think it would be a simple game of repeating rallies, but the game is quite elaborate in that you can change the direction and speed of the ball depending on your forehand and backhand,how quickly you hit back, the direction, and techniques such as "smash", "drive", and "cut". The game is quite elaborate, allowing the player to change the direction and speed of the ball by using techniques such as "smash," "drive," and "cut.
This may sound difficult to control, but your racket automatically moves when you hit back an opponent's ball, making it easy for anyone to enjoy a heated match!

Distribution starts on December 18!

The 5 new titles will be available on December 18, 2020 (Friday)!
The new titles are all very challenging, so you can enjoy them even if you play normally, but " Plus Challenge ", which introduces techniques you can try in the game, is now available.

Many of the "Plus Challenges" in this issue are relatively backstage.

You will probably have more fun if you play normally at first, but the "Amazingly Lazy" challenge will allow you to use the same character, so you might want to use this when playing with friends for even more fun.
The "Family Computer & Super Nintendo Entertainment System Nintendo Switch Online" service is available only to Nintendo Switch Online subscribers, so if you are not a Nintendo Switch Online subscriber, take this opportunity to join and play through all the classic titles!
For more information, please visit Nintendo's website!


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