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Fishing anytime, anywhere! "Fishing Spirits Nintendo Switch Version" is now available for the trial!

魚釣りをいつでもどこでも!「釣りスピリッツ Nintendo Switchバージョン」がいっせいトライアルに登場!

Nintendo Switch Online subscribers can play all eligible game titles for a limited time in the "Isei Trial" event.
The event covers a wide range of genres, and many of you may be looking forward to it.
Here's some good news for you! The next "Isei Trial" is coming up!
Fishing Spirits Nintendo Switch Version ", a medal game that is very popular in game arcades, will be the subject of the Issei Trial.
With the hot weather continuing every day, some people may not want to go outside, so why not enjoy summer leisure activities from the comfort of your own home?

8月1日からダウンロード版が安い!「Nintendo Switch サマーセール」開催決定!

Fishing Spirits Nintendo Switch Version" is coming!

The "Fishing Spirits Nintendo Switch Version" by Namco Bandai Entertainment Inc. is now available!
This is the Nintendo Switch version of the "Fishing Spirits" medal game that can be played in game arcades nationwide.
The Joy-Con allows you to enjoy fishing anytime, anywhere with the Joy-Con's unique and intuitive controls.


Three modes allow you to play alone or with others!

  • Medal Mode

    Get medals according to the fish you catch!
  • Adventure Mode

    Fight against monsters in the world's oceans with the Kappa Brothers!
  • Party Mode

    Enjoy fishing matches and mini-games with up to 4 players!

The "Fishing Spirits Nintendo Switch Version" trial period is from 12:00 on August 8, 2022 (Monday) to 17:59 on August 14, 2022 (Sunday), for one week.
To participate, simply download the data from the Nintendo eShop "Fishing Spirits Nintendo Switch Version" page in the My Nintendo Store and Nintendo Switch.

Every time! Sale!


In conjunction with the trial, a sale will be held on the downloadable version of "Fishing Spirits Nintendo Switch Version" software.
The regular price is 6,270 yen (including tax). You can buy it for 50% off at 3,135 yen (including tax)!
The price is half of the regular price of 6,270 yen (including tax), which is a very affordable price.
The sale period is from August 8 (Mon.) 12:00 to August 21 (Sun.) 23:59, which is longer than the one-time trial period.
Please note that the price will be the regular price before the sale starts.
Also, save data from the Isei Trial can be carried over, so if you like the game, why not purchase it during the sale?
For more information on the Isei Trial, please visit Nintendo's website.

Release date of the latest title "Fishing Spirits: Fishing & Aquarium" has been decided!

The newest title in the series, " Fishing Spir its: Fishing & Aquarium" will be released on October 27, 2022 (Thursday)!
The newest title in the series, "Fishing Spirits: Fishing Aquarium" will be released on October 27, 2022 (Thursday)!
You can enjoy the new elements right away by taking over the machine development stage of the "Medal Mode"!

前作セーブデータ引き継ぎ 任天堂ホームページ

You can also take over the save data from the "Isei Trial," so you can use your "Isei Trial" experience for the new game!

Free Nintendo Switch Online Trial Tickets!

Nintendo Switch Online体験チケット無料配布中 任天堂ホームページ

A ticket to experience "Nintendo Switch Online" for 7 days from July 21 to August 21, 2022 is being distributed for free through the My Nintendo Points program!
The ticket can be redeemed on the gift exchange page.
And, to our delight, this ticket is also available to those who have used the "7-day free trial" offered on the Nintendo eShop in the past!
Also, you can use the "7-day free trial" offered on the Nintendo eShop even if you use this ticket, so why not take this opportunity to use it?
This is a special event that allows Nintendo Switch Online subscribers to play as many times and for as long as they like during the trial period.
In addition, this "Isei Trial" is also a Nintendo Switch Online "mission" to earn Platinum Points. Don't miss it!
For more information about the "missions" and gifts, please visit Nintendo's website.


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111989魚釣りをいつでもどこでも!「釣りスピリッツ Nintendo Switchバージョン」がいっせいトライアルに登場!
You can enjoy karaoke for free! "Karaoke JOYSOUND for Nintendo Switch" Summer Campaign Held!

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