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Mikera's Huxra! "Minecraft Dungeons" is now available in the Nintendo Switch trial!

マイクラのハクスラ!「Minecraft Dungeons」がNintendo Switchのいっせいトライアルに登場!

The Nintendo Switch Online subscriber-only event " Gosei Trial " allows you to play all of the Nintendo Switch's software for a limited time.
Last time, " Kotoba no Puzzle Mojipittan Encore " was expanded with new words and phrases, and of course you played it, didn't you?
I'm sure there are many of you who bought the game during the sale period, because I think there are only a few people who could clear more than 800 stages during the trial period.
The Isei Trial has been held relatively frequently recently, and the next one has already been announced!
A spin-off title of the world's best-selling game is coming!

A Minecraft Huxla where up to 4 players can cooperate!

The action-adventure game " Minecraft Dungeons " by the creators of the world's best-selling game " Minecraft " will appear in this year's Unison Trial!
The game is a combination of " dungeon crawler " and " hack and slash ", a game in which players repeatedly destroy a large number of enemies, and offers a new and easy-to-understand game content.
The game features familiar Minecraft worlds and characters, so you will naturally fall in love with the world of Minecraft!
While it's a fun action adventure on its own, "Minecraft Dungeons" can be played with up to four players.
Obon will soon be upon us, and many of us may find it difficult to return home or get together with friends in our hometowns this year.
The great thing about games is that you can stay connected online, so let's play "Minecraft Dungeons" together and make some great memories this summer!


The "Minecraft Dungeons" one-week trial period will run from Monday, August 9, 2021 at 12:00 pm until Sunday, August 15, 2021 at 17:59 pm. Many of you will be on vacation during the Bon vacations, so let's play as much as you want!
All you have to do is download the data from the My Nintendo Store or the " Minecraft Dungeons" page of the Nintendo eShop on your Nintendo Switch.
You will be able to play the game once the trial period is over.
This is a title that can be enjoyed by both "Minecraft" players and those who have never played "Minecraft" before, so please give it a try!
For more information about the Isei Trial, please visit Nintendo's website!

Free Nintendo Switch Online Trial Tickets!

The Isei Trial is a Nintendo Switch Online subscriber-only event, so you must be a Nintendo Switch Online subscriber to participate.
It is not too much to say that it is necessary to subscribe because there are special offers for subscribers and it is necessary to play online, but we understand that there are some people who have difficulty subscribing.
For those people, there is currently a free Nintendo Switch Online Trial Ticket!

Nintendo Switch Online 7日間無料体験チケット
Nintendo Switch Online 7-Day Free Trial Ticket

The ticket allows you to experience Nintendo Switch Online for 7 days, so if you get it just in time for the start of the full trial, you will be able to play the full trial!
This ticket can also be used by those who have used the "7-day free trial" in the past, so get it and enjoy the whole trial!
For more information on the "Nintendo Switch Online 7-Day Free Trial Ticket" and how to redeem it, please visit My Nintendo!


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Mikera's Huxra! "Minecraft Dungeons" is now available on Switch, PS4, Xbox One and PC!
Mikera's Huxra! "Minecraft Dungeons" is now available on Switch, PS4, Xbox One a...

The game which became popular most in the world "Minecraft" is the vast world, and whatever is done, a player is a free game, and without asking about

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