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Switch lottery sales start at My Nintendo Store after a long absence! Photona set and Atsumi forest set are targeted!


One of the most exciting game consoles of 2020 is the Nintendo Switch.
For a while, it was difficult to get one due to a shortage of stock, but nowadays, the regular version of Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite are becoming easier to buy.
But nowadays, regular Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite are becoming easier to buy, and it is the specially designed Nintendo Switch that is hard to obtain that makes us want to get one.
As Nintendo TOKYO recently held a lottery for the "Nintendo Switch Collectible Animal Crossing Set" on their website, there have been many sets and Joy-Cons that are custom-colored. The lottery sales of Nintendo Switch units with sets and Joy-Cons in custom colors are held relatively frequently.
However, in Tokyo, you have to purchase and pick up the console at the Nintendo TOKYO store in Shibuya, which makes it difficult to participate depending on where you live.
But now, for the first time in a while, My Nintendo Store has started a Nintendo Switch lottery sale that can be delivered nationwide!

「Nintendo Switch : フォートナイトSpecialセット」発売決定!Apple勢はそろそろ検討を!

Pre-orders for the Photona and Atsumori sets are now open!

This time, the lottery sale at My Nintendo Store was held for the " Nintendo Switch: Fortnite Special Set " scheduled for release on Friday, November 6, 2020, and the " Nintendo Switch Atsumare AnimalCrossing set ".
Both of these rare products feature a different Joy-Con design than the standard Nintendo Switch, as well as a special design on the dock and back of the console.
Please note that the "Nintendo Switch: Fortnite Special Set" will not be available on the release date, November 6.


To apply for the lottery, log in to your Nintendo account and go to the Nintendo Switch Lottery Sales page on My Nintendo Store and add the free lottery ticket for the set you wish to apply for to your cart → proceed to " Checkout " → confirm your shipping address and confirm your order details →& quot;Confirm your order" to complete the process!
It seems that you no longer need to enter a coupon code as you did in the previous lottery sales on the My Nintendo Store.
The lottery period is from Monday, November 2, 2020 to Thursday, November 5, 2020 at 18:00. The lottery results will be sent to your Nintendo Account email address on Tuesday, November 10, 2020.
You can also receive the lottery results via the " My Nintendo " smartphone app, so if you haven't installed it yet, this is a great opportunity to do so!


In order to receive the results, you must download the application by Monday, November 9, 2020, and log in with the same Nintendo account you used when you applied for the prize.
Also, "Receive Notifications" must be turned on in the notification settings in the app.

Winners must complete the purchase procedure between November 10, 2020 (Tuesday) and November 12, 2020 (Thursday) at 23:59.
The product is scheduled to be delivered in late November 2020.

Points to keep in mind when applying for the lottery

There are several conditions for application and purchase that need to be confirmed.
Again, only credit cards or PayPal can be used for purchases if you are selected.

"I don't have a credit card! ", PayPal allows you to pay by bank account transfer.
PayPal accepts bank account transfers from Mizuho Bank, Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation, Mitsubishi UFJ Bank, Japan Post Bank, Resona Bank, and Saitama Resona Bank.

Of course, debit cards are also accepted.

Debit card no screening required! Bank for gamers recommended for foreigners visiting Japan!

Winners will be notified by e-mail, so if you have set up your e-mail domain to receive e-mails from "nintendo-noreply@ccg.nintendo.com", please set your e-mail settings to receive e-mails from "nintendo-noreply@ccg.nintendo.com" in advance.
Please be sure to read and agree to thelottery sales application terms and conditions before submitting your application!

Your Chance to Win a Rare Set!

Compared to Nintendo TOKYO, where lottery sales have been held every week recently, the lottery sales at the My Nintendo Store have not been held since September.
The Atsumori set, which has been in short supply since its release, and the Fortnite set, which is in high demand from Apple users who have been unable to play for various reasons, are likely to be very competitive, but those who cannot make it to Nintendo TOKYO should take their chances and apply!
For more information, check out the My Nintendo Store!


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese. at the moment.

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