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The neopoke color masterpiece "Fatal Fury First Contact" is now available on Nintendo Switch!

Nintendo Switchでネオポケカラーの名作「餓狼伝説ファーストコンタクト」が配信開始!

Legendary hardware " NEOGEO POCKET COLOR " masterpiece titles will be revived on Nintendo Switch in " NEOGEO POCKET COLOR SELECTION "!
In October 2020, " Bakumatsu Roman Special Edition: Gekka no Senshi - Moon Blooming Flower, Falling Flower " from SNK's "Gekka no Senshi" series, a sword-fighting action game comparable to Samuspi, will be released, and "SAMURAI SPIRITS Season Pass 3" will be available. In addition, it was announced that a character from "Gekka no Kenji" would be joining the SAMURAI SPIRITS Season Pass 3, and the excitement was great.
Just when we had our guard down with the news of SAMURAI SPIRITS and KOF coming in January 2021, a new title has joined the "NEOGEO POCKET COLOR SELECTION"


Nintendo Switchにネオポケカラーの「月華の剣士」が配信開始!さらにサムスピに「月華の剣士」キャラ参戦決定!

Nintendo Switchでネオポケカラーの名作「餓狼伝説ファーストコンタクト」が配信開始!


FATAL FURY FIRST CONTACT" is a fighting game released on the Neo Geo Pocket in May 1999.
It is based on the arcade version of "The Legend of FATAL FURY 2." In addition to Terry, Geese, and other familiar characters, Li Xianghui and Rick Stroud also appear in the game.
The game system is a one-line battle that can be enjoyed by fighting game beginners.
In addition to powerful super special moves, " potential abilities," which are powerful enough to turn the tables on the opponent, make battles even more exciting!

In addition, the hidden character " Alfredo ", the hidden boss of "Real Bout FATAL FURY LANDSTER 2" and the main character of " Real Bout FATAL FURY LANDSTER SPECIAL DOMINATED MIND " released on the PlayStation in 1998, will appear in the game as a hidden character. Alfredo " the main character of "Real Bout FATAL FURY LAND" released in 1998 on PlayStation.

Nintendo Switch: FATAL FURY FIRST CONTACT - Trailer (ENG Ver.)

Since "Real Bout FATAL FURYOGUDDEN SPECIAL DOMINATED MIND" was released only on PS, there may be people who have never played the game and do not know "Alfredo".
Don't miss your chance to control Alfredo for the first time!
There will be another hidden character in the full port... but you'll have to play it to find out!
"FATAL FURY FURY: FIRST CONTACT" will be available on December 24, 2020 (Thursday)! The price is 800 yen (tax included)!
To purchase the game, please visit My Nintendo Store or the Nintendo eShop on Nintendo Switch!

KOF XV Official Trailer will be available for download on the Nintendo eShop!

KOF XV Producer Yasuyuki Oda 's message video is now available for viewing!

The second half of the video is an explanation of "FATAL FURYTHER FIRST CONTACT," but at the beginning of the video, new information was announced.
It was recently announced that the official KOF XV trailer and SAMURAI SPIRITS Season Pass 3 information would be released on Thursday, January 7, 2021, but the time had not been announced, but now the delivery time has been set for 11:00 AM!

2021年1月7日(木) 11:00公開!
Thursday, January 7, 2021 at 11:00am!
SNK JAPAN公式Twitterアカウント

So it will be released on SNK's official YouTube channel " snkGame " on Thursday, January 7, 2021 at 11:00 a.m.!
It may sound a bit far away, but it will be released in just two weeks! Subscribe to the channel and wait for the release!

For more information, please check the SNK official website news release page!


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese. at the moment.

The latest KOF XV trailer and Samspian Season Pass 3 information of the series will be released in January 2021!
The latest KOF XV trailer and Samspian Season Pass 3 information of the series will be rel...

The picture which makes the news about pass 3 a big-grossing work of my SNK and the KOF series latest model by which a hot confrontation is always developed at