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Celebration "Devil May Cry" series 20th anniversary sale is in progress! 50% off switch version dl software!

祝「デビル メイ クライ」シリーズ20周年 記念セール実施中!Switch版のDLソフトが50%OFF!

Capcom's " Devil May Cry " series was first released in 2001.
The cool and stylish characters and storyline, as well as the light and speedy action game that has been created down to the finest detail, have won over many fans since its initial release.

On Monday, August 23, 2021, the "Devil May Cry" series will celebrate its 20th anniversary!The 20th anniversary of the series Congratulations! Congratulations!
To celebrate this milestone, the Nintendo eShop has launched a 20th anniversary sale for the "Devil May Cry" series, offering a chance to purchase the Switch version of the game at a discount!

Devil May Cry" 20th Anniversary Sale - Switch Version Half Price!

祝"デビル メイ クライ"シリーズ20周年!Switch 版の記念セール実施中!CAPCOM

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the "Devil May Cry" series, the Nintendo eShop is currently holding a sale to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the "Devil May Cry" series.
For a limited time, downloadable versions of the three "Devil May Cry" titles for Nintendo Switch can be purchased at a discount!

Why don't you take this opportunity of the 20th anniversary to play this exhilarating " stylish action " game that incorporates defeating enemies in a flashy and cool way?

Sale period: September 15, 2021 (Wed.) 23:59

Sale lineup (downloadable version/main game)
  • " Devil May Cry ".
     Regular price: 2,027 yen (including tax) → Sale price: 990 yen (including tax) [51% OFF
  • "Devil May Cry 2
     Regular price: 2,027 yen (including tax) → Sale price: 990 yen (including tax) [ 51% OFF
  • "Devil May Cry 3 Special Edition ".
     Regular price: 1,990 yen (including tax) → Sale price: 990 yen (including tax) 50% OFF】 The first game was released in 2001.


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