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Nintendo Switch version "Death Come True" download start in advance! New promotional video is also released!

Nintendo Switch版「Death Come True」あらかじめダウンロード開始!新プロモーション映像も公開!

Death Come True," a live-action interactive movie game by Izanagi Games, is scheduled for release on June 25, 2020 (Thursday).
The game is directed by Kazutake Odaka, a well-known director of the Danganronpa series, and even before its release, it has been registered as a new movie on " Movie.com," the largest movie information site in Japan. As a fan of the Danganronpa series, I cannot wait for its release!

One week before the release of "Death Come True", the Nintendo Switch version of the game became available for pre-download on Wednesday, June 18, 2020, and a promotional video for the Nintendo Switch has been released!

まるで映画?!実写インタラクティブムービー「Death Come True」が2020年6月25日から先行発売!

Your choices will change the story!

The promotion video introduces "Death Come True" and shows footage from the game, accompanied by the theme song " Inner Circle " by the popular band " God, I've Realized ". The story changes depending on the choices made.
The method of changing the story depending on the choices made reminds me of the " Yadoras " series in my generation, but since Kazutake Odaka is the author, there must be some kind of trap in the game!
Only one week to go until the release! Let's prepare ourselves and wait!

"Death Come True" will be released on Nintendo Switch, iOS, and Android on Thursday, June 25, 2020 for 1,960 yen!
PS4 and Steam will be announced as soon as the release date is determined.
For more information, please visit the official "Death Come True" website, or visit My Nintendo Store to pre-download the Nintendo Switch version!


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