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"Ninjara" TV animation decision! From Saturday, January 8, 2022, broadcast will start on TV Tokyo 6 stations net!


GungHo Online Entertainment, Inc. is proud to announce the release of " Ninjara, " a competitive Ninjagam action game for Nintendo Switch.
Released in June 2020, the game is free to play and has gained popularity for its light and dynamic action, and on October 13 this year, it surpassed 8 million downloads worldwide.

Ninjara" has been produced and released as an animated web series to convey its world view and characters, but now it has finally been decided to produce and broadcast a full-fledged animated TV series!

The new anime program "Ninjara" will air from January 8, 2022 (Saturday)!

TVアニメ"ニンジャラ"PR TIMES

The new anime program "Ninjara" will be broadcast every Saturday from January 8, 2022 (Sat.) from 10:30 to 11:00 a.m. on six TV Tokyo networks!
The key visual released with the information depicts the eight main characters and Gamutchi, who are also well-known in the game, representing the exciting world view.
Expectations are high for the world of "Ninjara," which will be enjoyed by those who have already enjoyed the game and those who are just starting out with the anime!

The Story

Once upon a time, a meteorite fell in a certain country, and a group of people with special powers appeared there.
They were called "Ninjas," and during the turbulent times, they served feudal lords and engaged in various missions centering on espionage activities.
However, as time went by, the ninja became unnecessary.
The ninja were then chased across the sea and scattered to various parts of the world.

Time passed in the modern age.

The descendants of the ninja established the World Ninja Association "WNA" in order to keep their special ability, the power of Shinobi, alive.
The World Ninja Association "WNA" was established.
The "WNA" has been conducting research on "Ninja Gum", which can bring out the power of Shinobi that lies dormant in the body more powerfully.
Ninja Gum", which can draw out the power of Shinobi that lies dormant in the body.

In order to find the ninja with the strongest Shinobi power, an Extreme Ninja Competition using the Ninja Gum was held.
The "Ninjara" extreme ninja competition is held to find the ninja with the strongest ninja powers.
Behind the scenes, incidents, conspiracies, and the existence of unknown creatures are intertwined...

The main cast is voiced by Takahiro Sakurai and Akari Kito!

Along with this release of information, the two main cast members have been announced ahead of time!
Takahiro Sakurai will play the main character Barton, and Akari K ito will play Berekka!

TVアニメ"ニンジャラ"PR TIMES

Comment from Takahiro Sakurai as Barton

My name is Takahiro Sakurai and I will be playing the role of Barton.
I never expected to play Ninjara in a TV anime! It was a surprise offer!
I enjoyed the web anime so much that I wanted to experience the world of Ninjara a little more. I am really happy.
I will do my best to convey the fun of the work to as many people as possible.

TVアニメ"ニンジャラ"PR TIMES

Akari Kito as Berekka

My name is Akari Kito, and I play the role of Berekka! I am very happy to be able to play the role of Berekka in the TV anime as well as the web anime! Berekka is a bright and energetic character. I am doing my best to convey the charm of Ninjara and Berekka in the TV anime as well, so whether you have played the game or not, I hope you are looking forward to the broadcast!

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu and Warpiskarter will sing the theme song!

The artists in charge of the theme song that will color the anime have also been announced!
The opening theme song is " Maybaby Baby " by Kyary Pamyu Pamyu!
The ending theme song will be " Ninja Like Ninja " written by Nayutan Seijin and sung by Walpis Carter!
Both songs are sure to bring a lot of excitement to the world of Ninjara.

TVアニメ"ニンジャラ"PR TIMES

Opening theme: "Maybaby Baby" lyrics and music by Yasutaka Nakata, sung by Kyary Pamyu Pamyu.

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu Comments

I, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, am pleased to announce that I will be singing the opening theme for the anime "Ninjara"!
We have collaborated on many games with "Ninjara", and I'm very happy that I will be doing the opening theme for the anime as well. The title of the song is "MAYBY BABY", a cool song that everyone can hum along to.
I hope this song will be loved by everyone along with the "Ninjara" anime!

Ending theme: "Ninja Like Ninja" lyrics, music and arrangement by Nayutan Seijin, sung by Walpis Carter.

Wolpis Carter comments

My name is Wolpiskarter, and I will be singing the ending theme song "Ninjalike Ninja" for the TV anime "Ninjara"!
I have teamed up with composer Naytan Seijin to create a high-tone ninja music song with a ninja theme!
I hope you enjoy the music and vocals as much as the ninjas do, as they change from one song to the next in a thousand different ways!

"Ninjala - Dev Diary #20" is now available!

In addition, the "Ninjala" game is currently holding a " Commemorative Campaign for the start of the anime broadcast "!
The campaign includes a Ninjala code giveaway with up to 200 gacha coins, a coin gacha, and a story pack sale. For more details, check out Ninjala - Dev Diary #20 on the official Ninjala YouTube channel!


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese. at the moment.

Season 7 will open in "Ninjara"! The latest collaboration is VOCALOID!
Season 7 will open in "Ninjara"! The latest collaboration is VOCALOID!...

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