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GungHo "Ninjara" pre-experience event will be held on April 29! Download starts in advance!


GungHo's competitive Ninjagam action "Ninjara" is scheduled for release on Nintendo Switch on Thursday, May 28, 2020.
This is a title that's getting a lot of attention because it allows up to 8 players to play simultaneously online and is free to play!
But what is " competitive nin ja gum action"? What is "Ninja Gum " in the first place? There are a lot of mysteries, aren't there?
For those of you who are curious, the "Ninjara Advanced Trial Session" will be held on April 29, 2020 (Wednesday, national holiday)!

A little preview before the event

If you are going to participate in the trial event, it would be better to know what the world is like and what kind of game you are playing so that you can enjoy it.
The official Ninjara YouTube channel has the episode of the birth of "Ninjagam" and a gameplay video, so please take a look at that first!

Now that you know the atmosphere of the game, let me explain "Ninjara.
Ninjara" is an action-packed ninja battle in which players craft weapons and perform special moves by inflating " Ninjagum," which enhances their abilities, and takes advantage of differences in elevation.

Ninjara (people)

Choose your weapon from 3 types ( katana for speed , hammer for power , andyo-yo for reach) and win the battle royale!


The first trial will be held on April 29th!

The " Ninjara Advanced Trial Event " will be held on April 29th (Wednesday, national holiday ), where you can play "Ninjara" one step ahead of others!

ニンジャラ 先行体験会
Ninjara Advanced Trial Session

However, this does not mean that you can play all day long, but only from 4:00 to 4:59, 12:00 to 12:59, and 20:00 to 20:59 on April 29 (Wed., holiday), 2020 (Japan time).
The four weapons available for the advance trial are the Ippon Katana, Drill Beast, SK8 Hammer, and Trick Ball. There will be two modes of play: " Battle Right Away," where you can play Battle Royale right away, and " Training," where you can hone your skills.


You can download the "Ninjara: Advance Trial Session" data necessary to play from the My Nintendo Store in advance, so be sure to download it to ensure smooth play on the day of the event!

A new game genre with high expectations!

Ninjara" is a battle royale type action game, but with elements such as "Ninjagam", it could be called a new game genre.
The game will not be available until May 28th, but if you play the game at the trial event, you may be a step ahead of your rivals after the game is released.
For more details and to learn more about the world of "Ninjara," please visit the official "Ninjara" website!


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