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"Ninjara" achieves 1 million downloads in 16 hours! Commemorative gifts are being distributed!


GungHo's competitive Ninjagam action Nintendo Switch " Ninjara" became available on Thursday, June 25, 2020.
Have you played this new Ninja Gum action yet?
The feeling of running around on the walls and rampaging in all directions is unbeatable!
Ninjara" has been downloaded 1 million times within 16 hours of its release!


Commemorative gifts are now being distributed!

Ninjara" 1 million downloads!
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To commemorate the one million downloads in the first 16 hours of distribution, "Ninjara" is now distributing gifts!
100 Jaras, the in-game currency, and 10 Ninja Gum "Yippongum (Flame)" will be given away.
Jara" can be used to purchase "Ninja Pass" and avatar items in the in-game store, and "Ippongum (Flame)" is an item that can be used in battle to change the appearance of the gum weapon "Ippong Katana". Both of these items are great to have in the early stages of the game.
In addition, 100 Jaras are being given away right now as part of the "Delivery Commemoration Campaign," so if you start Ninjara now, you will receive a total of 200 Jaras! You don't want to miss this chance!
Please note that the campaign is only available during Season 1.
Please check the official "Ninjara" website for details!


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The package version of the battle Ninja gum action "Ninjala" will be released!
The package version of the battle Ninja gum action "Ninjala" will be released!...

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