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VTuber group "Nijisanji" announces new unit "ROF-MAO"! New programs are also available!


NIJISANJI, a VTuber group operated by ANYCOLOR, Inc. announced the formation of a new unit " ROF-MAO " on YouTube on Thursday, October 21, 2021.
The members are "Kagami Hayato ", " Kenmochi Touya ", " Fuwa Minato ", and " Kaida Haru ".
ROF-MAO " also announced a new program " ROF-MAO School " on " Ki10!

Outline of "ROF-MAO



The four members have a total of over 1 million YouTube channel subscribers, and have begun activities as a powerful male unit.
Aiming to be a funny and cool unit loved by both men and women, ROF-MAO will focus on music and variety activities in the future, so we look forward to new developments for " ROF-MAO.

Official SNS
Official website http://www.rof-mao.com
YouTube https://www.youtube.com/c/ROF-MAO
Twitter https://twitter.com/ROF_MAO
Instagram https://www.instagram.com/rof_mao/

New program "ROF-MAO Juku" (Thurs. 10!)


This program is a variety show in which the members of " ROF-MAO " take on the challenges of their own bodies.
It will premiere on the official YouTube channel of " ROF-MAO " every Thursday from 22:00.

The first episode will be aired [Scream] The foot massage is so exhilarating that everyone faints in agony!

Commemorative goods for the formation will be on sale!


To commemorate the formation of " ROF-MAO," goods featuring the four members will be on sale at NIJISANJI official stores and animate stores nationwide.
The sales will start on November 27, 2021 (Sat), and reservations can be made from November 1 (Mon).

ROF-MAO" x Animate Cafe will also collaborate on a business trip!

ROF-MAO x animate cafe
animate cafe

A kitchen car wrapped in " ROF-MAO " specifications will be traveling throughout Japan.
The car will be selling drinks with the image of the members and goods with newly drawn illustrations, so be sure to visit the café.


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Nijisanji River "Saki Sasagi" "Yuika Shiina" 2 people's hoodies are goods "The manma goods 2nd parka" is now on sale!
Nijisanji River "Saki Sasagi" "Yuika Shiina" 2 people's hoodies are go...

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