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VTuber / Virtual Liver Group "Nijisanji" debuts 5 new livers!

VTuber / バーチャルライバーグループ「にじさんじ」より5名の新ライバーがデビュー!

NIJISANJI, a VTuber / Virtual Liver group operated by ANYCOLOR Co.
In the VTuber industry, where characters using 3D models were the mainstream, the appearance of NIJISANJI's official lifers as 2D models has led to an increase in the number of 2D model VTubers, and is said to have created a stir in the VTuber industry.
NIJISANJI" has grown to the point where it can now be called a genre, and now five new members have joined the group!
In addition, the profiles of the new members and information on goods and voice sales to commemorate their debut, as well as a special debut program, have been released, and will be introduced in this article!

NIJISANJI" debuts 5 new drivers!


The VTuber / Virtual Liver group " NIJISANJI " debuted 5 new L ivers on Monday, July 19, 2021!
On the same day, Twitter accounts for each of the new Livers will also be launched. They will be active on Twitter, YouTube, and other distribution platforms.

In addition, the first distribution on each of the drivers' YouTube channels will take place in a relay format on July 22, 2021 (Thursday, national holiday) at 1:00 pm!
Below is a summary of each lifer's profile and the date and time of their first distribution!

Member Introductions

Axia Krone

アクシア・クローネライバー紹介 | NIJISANJI 公式サイト

Axia Krone is a pilot in the Mobile Infantry "Thrones". She spends her earnings to help the poor and is always short of money.

ライバー紹介 | NIJISANJI 公式サイト

Lauren Iroas

ローレン・イロアス(Lauren Iroas)ライバー紹介 | NIJISANJI 公式サイト

Lauren Iroas is a young man who belongs to an urban security unit. The city, which is often full of intrigue, doesn't let him sleep much.

ライバー紹介 | NIJISANJI 公式サイト

Leos Vincent

レオス・ヴィンセント(Leos Vincent)ライバー紹介 | NIJISANJI 公式サイト

A mad scientist who researches suspicious drugs on a daily basis. He says he hears explosions every day from his lab.

ライバー紹介 | NIJISANJI 公式サイト

Oliver Evans

オリバー・エバンス(Oliver Evans)ライバー紹介 | NIJISANJI 公式サイト

A young man who rose to the rank of professor at a young age. Because of his good looks, he has many female students in his classes. His students call him "Professor.

ライバー紹介 | NIJISANJI 公式サイト

Lain Paterson

レイン・パターソン(Lain Paterson)ライバー紹介 | NIJISANJI 公式サイト

A skilled bodyguard. He loves sharks because they once saved his life.

ライバー紹介 | NIJISANJI 公式サイト

Debut Commemorative Goods and Voices to be Released!


To commemorate the debut, original goods such as acrylic stands and a collection of voices will be available at the NIJISANJI official store after the first release of each driver!

Acrylic stand (total 5 kinds)

Size: 150mm high *Height differs depending on the driver.
Price: 1500 yen (tax included)

Can badges (total 5 kinds)

Size: approx. 56mm in diameter
Price: 500 yen (including tax)

■Voice (total 5 kinds)

Contents: 3 tracks
  Track 1: Self-introduction
  Track 2: Theme "Good Morning
  Track 3: Theme "Good night
Price: 500 yen (tax included)

Special debut program to be broadcast!

On August 5, 2021 (Thursday), "Debut Special Program " will be broadcast on NIJISANJI's official YouTube channel!
Senior NIJISANJI members will directly interview the newcomers about their profiles and episodes! The program will be a talk variety show where you can learn more about the five newcomers, so be sure to tune in and watch it along with the first broadcasts of each of the newcomers!


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese and 繁體中文. at the moment.

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