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"NIJISANJI FAN CLUB" is newly opened, a fan club of 6 people such as "Gudo Mirei", "Night Watch", "Ichihyakuman Tenbara Salome", etc!

「郡道美玲」「夜見れな」「壱百満天原サロメ」など6名のファンクラブ「にじさんじ FAN CLUB」が新規開設!一部コンテンツの無料公開も実施中!

The VTuber group " NIJISANJI " run by ANYCOLOR Co.
NIJISANJI" is currently showing a great deal of excitement due to the successive million-achievement by their talents, such as " Ihyakumangen Sarome " and " Vox Ak uma"!
NIJISANJI has announced the opening of 6 new fan clubs for 6 new performers in their official fan club " NIJISANJI FAN CLUB "!

NIJISANJI EN member "Vox Akuma" has over 1 MILLION YouTube subscribers!

NIJISANJI FAN CLUB" will newly release 6 new fan clubs for 6 new drivers!


NIJISANJI 's official fan club " NIJISANJI FAN CLUB " started its operation on October 1st, 2020.
NIJISANJI's official fan club " NIJISANJI General Lounge " and individual fan clubs for each NIJISANJI member are in operation, and currently about 20 fan clubs are in operation.
On Monday, July 25, 2022, " NIJISANJI FAN CLUB " will release 6 new fan clubs for 6 new drivers!
The 6 new members are Moira,Mirei Gundo, Aimi Aizono,Yomirena,Tomoe Shirayuki, andSalome Ihyakumantenbara!
The rates for each plan are as follows


In addition, the " NIJISANJI FAN CLUB " is currently offering some of its contents for free to the public in conjunction with the opening of the fan club!
In addition to content that can only be seen by paying members, the site also includes information on the enthusiasm of the members for the fan club, so don't miss it!
In addition, questions are being solicited for 6 lifers, including Moira,Mirei Guendo,Aien Aimi,Yomirena,Tomoe Shirayuki, andSalome Ihyakumantenhara!
Of the questions submitted, 23 questions will be answered by the libers themselves!
Questions are only open to individual fan club members, so take this opportunity to join!
In addition to the questions, the individual fan clubs also offer a variety of other benefits, such as exclusive content, an exclusive chat room where you can communicate with the drivers, a newsletter issued three times a year, a membership card that shows your fan club membership, custom stamps, and so on.
For more details, please check each fan club's page.


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese and 繁體中文. at the moment.

"Nijisanji" belonging to "Ichihyakuman Tenbara Saro" exceeded 1 million YouTube channel subscribers in 2 weeks from debut! The third person in history to reach the millions!
"Nijisanji" belonging to "Ichihyakuman Tenbara Saro" exceeded 1 millio...

VTuber "Ichihyakumangen Salome" belonging to VTuber / Virtual Rival Group "Nijisanji" operated by ANYCOLOR Co., Ltd. has exceeded 1 million