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New VTuber Group "ILUNA" Debuts from NIJISANJI EN ! First Live Stream will start from July 25 (Monday)!

New VTuber Group

NIJISANJI EN is a VTuber project operated by ANYCOLOR Co.
The group was launched in May last year, and 20 talents have made their debut so far.
Today, a new VTuber group "ILUNA" debuted from "NIJISANJI EN"!

New VTuber group "ILUNA" debuts from "NIJISANJI EN"!


Today, a new VTuber group " ILUNA " debuted from " NIJISANJI EN "!
The members are Kyo Kaneko, Maria Marionette, AsterArcadia, AiaAmare, RenZotto, and ScarleYonaguni. ), and Scarle Yonaguni.
Each of the livers' SNS and YouTube channels will be launched sequentially starting today!
In addition, the debut teaser video of the six " ILUNA " members is available on the NIJISANJI English Official YouTube channel, so please take a look!

"ILUNA" members

Kyo Kaneko (@KyoKanek0 )

Kyo Kaneko(金子 鏡)PR TIMES

She is a first-year student at ILUNA.
She has a funny and cheerful personality. Her first goal is to entertain people and make them laugh.


Kyo Kaneko
Category energetic boy

Maria Marionette (@MariaMari0nette)

Maria Marionette(マリア マリオネット)PR TIMES

She is a first-year student at ILUNA, the Department of Interdisciplinary Studies.
She is a doll that evolved into a human after hundreds of years of solitude. She is easily influenced by her surroundings and often acts strangely, but she is a good person.


Maria Marionette
Category dolls

Aster Arcadia (@AsterArcadia)

Aster Arcadia(アスター アルカディア)PR TIMES

Second year student at ILUNA, Department of Interdisciplinary Studies.
A celestial being born from an ancient supernova.
People have only faint memories of him, but his wish to spread happiness in the universe remains strong.


Aster Arcadia
Category Celestial

Aia Amare (@AiaAmare)

Aia Amare(アイア アマレ)PR TIMES

Second year student at ILUNA, Department of Interdisciplinary Studies.
An angelic maiden who descended from the heavens to observe mankind. Despite her gentle appearance, she has a mischievous side.


Aia Amare
Category Maiden Angel

Ren Zotto (@RenZott0)

Ren Zotto(レン ゾット)PR TIMES

Third year student at ILUNA, Department of Interdisciplinary Studies.
A vicious alien prince from another world. He has decided to conquer the earth by using his unique tone.


Ren Zotto
Category Alien Prince

Scarle Yonaguni (@ScarleYonaguni)

Scarle Yonaguni(スカーレ ヨナグニ)PR TIMES

Third year student at ILUNA, Department of Interdisciplinary Studies.
She is an elegant, mature and seductive woman. Her bewitching beauty shines like her scarlet wand.


Scarle Yonaguni
Category demi-goddess

"NIJISANJI EN" seniors will have there live stream

Monday, July 25th, 2022 9:00am Japan time A special program Cosmic encounter with "ILUNA" NIJISANJI EN VTuber Debut Program hosted by Selen & Alban! quot; will be broadcast on NIJISANJI English Official YouTube channel!
In this special debut program, Selen Ryuzetsu and Alban Knox of "NIJISANJI EN " will participate as MCs!
The six members of " ILUNA " will relay their first live broadcasts!
The members of " ILUNA " will also participate after the first broadcast, so be sure to subscribe to the channel to make sure you don't miss anything!

Debut Music Live Stream!

The debut song of "ILUNA" will be distributed on various music live stream platforms to celebrate the debut of "ILUNA"!
In addition, an original music video will be released on the NPR website. Japan Time July 25, 2022 (Mon.) 13:00 The original music video is now available on NIJISANJI English Official YouTube channel!
The song is produced by "MATZ", who has produced many famous artists such as Kizuna Eye,SKY-HI, andTokyo Gegegei, so don't miss it!

Song Outline
Arrangement MATZ, Shion Miyazaki
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