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Yahoo! Shopping and PayPay Mall to merge. New advantageous campaign starts from October 12 (Wednesday)


Yahoo Japan launched Yahoo! Shopping in 1999, and in 2013, the company announced a new e-commerce strategy of completely waiving store display fees and sales royalties for Yahoo! Shopping" as a new e-commerce strategy .
In 2019, we will launch " PayPay Mall," where only stores that meet the criteria set by Yahoo! JAPAN has been solidifying its popularity in Japan through a variety of campaigns that allow customers to save money by using the "PayPay" QR code payment service.
In July 2022, Yahoo! JAPAN announced the integration of its long-time favorite "Yahoo!
Shopping" will start offering new rewards and promotions that will allow everyone to earn up to 5% of PayPay points every day.

The new "Yahoo! Shopping" will be launched

The new Yahoo! Shopping!

JAPAN has announced that in October 2022, it will integrate and renew "Yahoo! Shopping" and "PayPay Mall", combining their respective strengths.
This renewal is expected to transform the shopping experience by combining the strengths of "PayPay Mall," with its organized product information design and the convenience of finding the products you want, with the strengths of "Yahoo! Shopping, which boasts more than 400 million products.

Raising the Standard for "Excellent Stores

In addition to improving the design and search functions, the new Yahoo! Shopping announced an increase in the criteria for carefully selected "best stores.
In addition, the new "Yahoo! Shopping" will provide a safe and secure shopping experience for users by displaying icons for easy recognition from the search results list and by strengthening guidance from the top page.

Reinforcement of "excellent delivery

One of the concerns of e-commerce sites is the speed and quality of delivery.
The speedy and careful delivery of products is a highly sought-after feature of e-commerce sites.
Shopping" has also announced the enhancement of "quality delivery," which delivers products from the same day of order to the next day.
The new Yahoo! Shopping will continue to increase the number of stores that support the "Superior Delivery" feature and offer a cash-back campaign for stores that support the "Superior Delivery" feature. We will continue to increase the number of "good delivery" stores and conduct a cash-back campaign for "good delivery" stores.

Launching a Campaign to Commemorate the Renewal

JAPAN has announced that it will launch a new campaign on October 12, 2022 (Wed. ) to celebrate the launch of the new Yahoo!
For SoftBank smartphone users, there will be even more special offers and campaigns.

PayPay points can be earned up to 5% every day.

PayPay point granting policy

Up to 5%of PayPay points will be awarded every day when paying with "PayPay After Payment", "PayPay Balance", or "PayPay Card", and up to 7% of PayPay points will be awarded every day if you are a Yahoo!
The campaign starts at midnight on Wednesday, October 12, 2022.

The policy of awarding PayPay points to earn up to 5% every day
Start date and time October 12, 2022 (Wednesday) at midnight
Breakdown of up to 5 ◆PayPay postpaid/balance
Store points 1%, PayPay postpaid/balance 0.5%, up to 3.5% every day
PayPay card (including old Yahoo! JAPAN card)
Store points 1%, PayPay card rewards 1%, up to 3% every day
Remarks Premium members can earn up to 7% daily with "PayPay STEP Rewards Yahoo!
Details will be announced around the end of September 2022.
Schedule and details are subject to change.

Measures for SoftBank Smartphone users

As of 11:59 p.m. on Sunday, October 9, 2022, the "SoftBank Smartphone users will get up to 10% back every Sunday! " campaign will end.
Instead, " Super PayPay Coupon " will be offered.
The "Super PayPay Coupon" with a grant rate of 10% and a maximum grant limit of 500 points will be distributed over a three-month period.
For details of the campaign, please refer to the official SoftBank website.

Super PayPay Coupon Program
Applicable period October 2022: From Wednesday, October 12, 2022 to Monday, October 31, 2022
November 2022: Tuesday, November 1, 2022 to Wednesday, November 30, 2022
December 2022: Thursday, December 1 through Saturday, December 31, 2022
Coupon Details Grant rate: 10%.
Maximum amount: 500 points/time
Number of times it can be used: 1 time/month
Remarks Campaign contents are subject to change or termination without notice.
The same campaign may be conducted after January 2023.

Some PayPay point awarding measures will be terminated.

Due to this measure...

  • SoftBank smartphone users will receive +10% every Sunday [subject to the amount of payment by the designated payment method].
  • Even if you are not a SoftBank smartphone user! 5% on every Sunday (for payments made with designated payment methods)
  • PayPay Card: 1% reward for using Yahoo!
  • PayPay STEP Reward: +2% at PayPay Mall

Four PayPay point awarding policies and benefits will end.
The end date and time is 11:59 p.m. on October 11, 2022 (Tuesday ).

Further Growth of Yahoo! JAPAN Shopping Business

Shopping will be free of initial fees, fixed monthly fees, and sales royalties (with some exceptions), just like the existing Yahoo!
Motoi Hatanaka, Executive Officer and General Manager of the Commerce Group's Shopping Division, commented as follows

Shopping" and "PayPay Mall" will be integrated and relaunched as the new "Yahoo! Shopping" will be launched in October.
Shopping" will be simpler, easier to understand, and provide all customers with a "Yahoo! Shopping" experience for all customers.
We will also strive to ensure that excellent stores that are supported by customers and have excellent delivery, store ratings, and customer inquiry support will be more visible to users, so that they can have a better shopping experience.



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