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The latest video & TV commercial released that shows how to play "New Pokemon Snap" that is about to be released!

発売迫る「New ポケモンスナップ」の遊び方がわかる最新映像&テレビCM公開!

Nintendo Switch " New Pokemon Snap " to be released on April 30, 2021 (Friday)
It has been about 10 and a half months since the new Pokémon game was unveiled at the "Pokémon Presents 2020.6.17" event held in June 2020. Finally, the release was just around the corner!
It is a completely new version of the super classic "Pokémon Snap" released on the Nintendo 64 in March 1999, and since many people have been eagerly waiting for this title, it seems as if it has finally arrived.
Since the previous title was released 22 years ago, there are many people who know the name but have never actually played it.
And since this is a new title, there are many new elements, so even those who have played the previous title will probably be unfamiliar with many aspects of this new title.
For those people, the latest video showing how to play "New Pokemon Snap" has been released!

Nintendo 64 great title is coming back on Nintendo Switch! "New Pokémon Snap" is announced!

New video showing the key points of the game

The video released this time is "[Official] "New Pokemon Snap" PV "Snap Guide to the Lentil Region"".
In the video, the game' s items and techniques are introduced, as well as what kind of game "New Pokemon Snap" is, making it perfect for those who have plenty of time to spare before the game's release.
Many new elements of this game are also introduced, so even those who have played the previous games can learn a lot.
"New Pokemon Snap" is a game in the Pokemon world, but it is a unique game that is completely different from the other Pokemon series.
Watch the official "New Pokemon Snap" PV "Snap Guide to the Lentil Region" to see what all the fuss is about before it goes on sale!

A new TV commercial has also started airing!

In addition to the "New Pokemon Snap" PV "Lentil Region Snap Guide", a new TV commercial will start airing on April 9, 2021 (Friday)!
Following the first commercial, two new commercials, " Each Snap " and " Encounter with a Legend, " starring popular celebrities Huwa-chan and Shin Terada and conveying the appeal of Pokémon Snap, are now available for viewing.
The fast-paced dialogue between the two is also a must-see.
They are available on the official Pokémon YouTube channel and will also be broadcast on TV, so you may be able to hear them when you watch TV!
Let's look forward to seeing them on TV!

Official] "New Pokemon Snap" TV CM: Each Snap Arc

Official] "New Pokemon Snap" TV CM: Encounter with a Legend

PokéSnap is now available as a Platinum Point redemption item!

In conjunction with the release of "New Pokemon Snap", new "New Pokemon Snap" goods have appeared on the My Nintendo Store, which can be redeemed with Nintendo Platinum Points!
The set of two zipper pou ches in different designs and sizes with the Lentil Pokémon Lab logo and Pokémon silhouettes on them is available for 500 Platinum Points.

New ポケモンスナップ ファスナーポーチセット
New Pokemon Snap Zipper Pouch Set

A window envelope letter set with a window that can be used as a photo frame is now available for 400 pl atinum points!

New ポケモンスナップ 窓付き封筒レターセット
New Pokemon Snap Envelope Letter Set with Window

Both of these goods are so cute that there is a possibility that they will soon be out of stock.
Both of these items will be delivered in late April, just in time for the "New Pokemon Snap" release.
So, let's exchange them in advance and get ready for the release of the "New Pokemon Snap"!
For more information and to redeem, please visit My Nintendo Store!


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese and 繁體中文. at the moment.

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