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Netmable's new official website for 3D TPS MOBA's latest " Overprime" will open on Friday, April 1, 2022!

ネットマーブルの3D TPS MOBA最新作「Overprime」公式サイトが新たにオープン!

The new official website for " Overprime ," the latest 3D TPS MOBA currently under development by Korea-based Netmarble, opened on Friday, April 1, 2022.
The newly opened official site features the latest information on the game, as well as hero profiles, images, videos, and more.
There is a lot of useful information for game play, so be sure to check it out.

What is "Overprime"?

A thrilling strategic action TPS game where you work together with your friends to create a strategy!

Overprime" is a strategic action TPS game in which two teams of " heroes " battle to take down their opponents' bases.
Choose one of the powerful heroes with unique skills, assemble your team, and enjoy the thrilling action of running through the battlefield with your team!

Know your heroes and plan your strategy!


If you can skillfully use the skills of each hero, you can develop a strategy that will allow you to take over your opponent's base.
Work together with your friends and use strategies that no one else can come up with to win the war.

Your choices will determine your victory!


We have heroes with a variety of combat skills.
You can purchase items at your base, but depending on how you purchase items, you may win or lose.
The training mode allows you to try out various heroes and items, so take your time to familiarize yourself with them and make them part of your strategy for victory on the battlefield.
New heroes and items will be introduced in the future, which will make the game even more interesting and addicting.

When is the official release date?


The official Overprime Twitter tweet announced that the date of the official release has not been announced yet, but the day when you can play "Overprime" is not too far away.
The latest information can be found on the new "Overprime" official website and the official "Overprime" Twitter page.
You can also add "Overprime" to your wish list on the Steam "Overprime" product page to receive more information about the game, as well as on the official "Overprime" Discord You can also communicate about the game on the official "Overprime" Discord channel.


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