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The one and only Rubber Ring action also appeared! "Family Computer & Super Famicom Nintendo Switch Online" May 2022 Title Begins Distribution!

唯一無二のラバーリング・アクションも登場!「ファミリーコンピュータ&スーパーファミコン Nintendo Switch Online」2022年5月のタイトルが配信開始!

Nintendo Switch Online subscribers can play NES & SNES classics on Nintendo Switch with the " Family Computer & Super Nintendo Switch Online " service.
This is a divine service that will make you feel like you are getting your money's worth even if you subscribe to Nintendo Switch Online just for this service.
With " MOTHER " and " MOTHER2: Gig's Counterattack " coming out in February 2022 and " Pastoral Tales " coming out in March 2022, there is not enough time to play all of them, along with new titles!
Nintendo is great at adding titles even in such a situation, and the additional titles for May 2022 are now available!

名作牧場シミュレーションの元祖も登場!「ファミリーコンピュータ&スーパーファミコン Nintendo Switch Online」2022年3月のタイトルが配信開始!

Experience the classic action with unique controls!

The three titles added this time are two from the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) andone from the Famicom (NES).
The additions include one-of-a-kind action games and titles from classic game genres, so there's plenty to play!

Kaibutsu Kawabata

cold Pacific seastar (species of sea snail, Acheilognathus sachalinensis)

This side-scrolling action game for the Super NES was released by TNN in 1994.
It later became a series, and in 2020, the latest title, "Umibyakawabachi BaZooKa!" was released, which focuses on e-sports.
The first " Umi-belly Kawabachi, " which was distributed this time, is a masterpiece that many gamers were astonished by its unique action, which was called " rubber ring action, " which was unparalleled at the time.
The player moves by hooking a stretchable rope with a lure attached to it onto the wall, floor, or ceiling and pulling it in or stretching it out, and the action has a strange, " bouncy " feel. It's hard to explain without trying it!
The unique worldview is also appealing, with enemy characters being fish with legs and vegetables growing on the stage, but there may or may not be a backstory to this...
Experience the one and only "rubber ring action" right now!
By the way, the title "Umihara Kawase " is the name of the main character! Kawabata-san!


Rushing Beat

Rushing Beats

This is a belt scroll action game released by JALECO (now City Connection) in 1992.
Back then, belt-scroll action games were all the rage, and all of them were fun to play.
In this game, you control two Neo-Cisco cops, Rick Norton and Douglas Bildt, and help them rescue Maria, who has been kidnapped by the Joukal traffickers!
One of the unique features of this game is the " Anger Mode ".
When a player takes a certain amount of damage, his body flashes and he becomes invincible for a certain period of time.
While in "rage mode," the player's attack power increases and some attacks become more powerful.
Make full use of the character's characteristics and "rage mode" to advance through the stage!



pin pole

This is a pinball game released in 1984 in the early days of the Famicom (NES).
As the name suggests, this title allows you to play pinball, and it has the magical power to make you find yourself playing it endlessly.
Early Nintendo titles featured Mario in places, and in this title, too, when you put the ball in the hole, you are transferred to a special block breaker-like platform where you control Mario.
In this stage, Mario earns bonus points by catching the falling "ladies" by matching the bingo lamps.
Score points and aim for a high score!


May 27th, 2012!

"Umibyakawabachi," "Rushing Beat," and "Pinball" will be available on Friday, May 27, 2022! You can already play!
These three titles are very attractive, but I personally think that you should play "Umibyakawabachi".
The controls are unique, the difficulty level is high, and there are multiple routes, so the rewind function in "Family Computer & Super Nintendo Entertainment System Nintendo Switch Online" is a perfect match!
You can try again and again until you clear the game, but we recommend you to use the rewind function to enjoy the game!
For more information on the additional titles, please check Nintendo's website!


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