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The originator of the masterpiece ranch simulation also appeared! "Family Computer & Super NES Nintendo Switch Online" Title released in March 2022!

名作牧場シミュレーションの元祖も登場!「ファミリーコンピュータ&スーパーファミコン Nintendo Switch Online」2022年3月のタイトルが配信開始!

Nintendo Switch Online subscribers can play the masterpieces of the Famicom and Super Famicom on the Nintendo Switch with " Family Computer & Super Famicom Nintendo Switch Online ", a service available only to Nintendo Switch Online subscribers.
There are many classic titles available, and the lineup is so large that you won't be able to play them all in just a few hours. Recently, the main focus was on the update of "Nintendo Switch Online + Additional Packs" for "Nintendo 64 Nintendo Switch Online"" and "Sega Mega Drive for Nintendo Switch Online".
MOTHER " and " MOTHER2: Gig Strikes Back " were added during the "Nintendo Direct 2022.2.10", but the previous title was added in July 2021, leaving a considerable amount of time between the two.
We're happy to have the NINTENDO 64 and Mega Drive, but for those of you who have been wanting to play more of the NES and SNES classics, here they are!
The "Family Computer & Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) Nintendo Switch Online" has added a new title to its lineup!

Not just new games, but tons of remakes as well! "Nintendo Direct 2022.2.9" Announcement Summary!

The originator of the boxyard simulation is here!

On March 31, 2022 (Thursday), one title from the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) and two titles from the NES will be added.
From the originator of the ranching simulation that continues to this day, to Namco Bandai's classic series, there is plenty of variety!

Harvest Moon

Tale of the Past

This Super Nintendo simulation game was released by Pac-In-Video in 1996.
Marvelous is still releasing new titles, and the latest title, "Harvest Moon: Olive Town and the Land of Hope," is scheduled for release in February 2021.
This first title in the series is set in " Hananome Village," and tells the story of a boy who aspires to become a rancher and rebuilds the farm his grandfather left him in three years.
The heartwarming and soft atmosphere of ranch life will surely soothe you every day! This is a perfect title to start with in the spring.
It' s a super classic simulation that could be called the progenitor of this type of boxyard game!


Dig Dug II

Dig Dug II

This is an action game by Namco ( now Bandai Namco Entertainment) released on the NES in 1986. It is a sequel title to the classic "Dig D ug".
Unlike its hole-digging predecessor, this game takes place on an island, where the player fights against the monsters that ravage the island.
The greatest feature of this title is the exhilarating feeling of collapsing the island and dropping all the monsters into the sea at once!
However, if you collapse the island in the dark, you may get yourself caught in the middle, or you may find yourself in a pinch with nowhere to escape, so it is important to think carefully.
While the previous game was a "strategic hole digging game", this game has been reborn as a " strategic island collapsing game "!


Mappy Land

Mappy Land

This is an action game by Namco ( now Namco Bandai Entertainment) released in 1986 for the Famicom (NES). It is a sequel to the classic "Mappy".
The stage has been moved from indoors to outside, the graphics are more beautiful, and the space is a little larger, so the chase with Meowmco and his friends is even more heated.
As in the previous title, the objective is to collect all the targets on the stage, but note that in this title, you must reach the exit after collecting them.
Collect the targets by making full use of the trampoline, items to stall them, and items to counterattack!


Available from March 31!

"Ranch Tales," "Dig Dug II," and "Mappy Land" will be available on March 31, 2022 (Thursday ), the same day as the announcement ! In other words, you can already play!
It's perfect timing to start "Ranch Tales" in time with your new life, and you can easily play "Dig Dug II" and "Mappy Land," which you played over and over again back in the day, with the rewind function.
Of course, it is also fun to rewind the game and play it the way I remember it.
The new year is a busy time, and we tend to feel tired both physically and emotionally.
Games are the best way to take a break! Refresh your body and mind by playing classic titles!
For more information, please visit Nintendo's website!


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