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Mythical Games in the U.S., which develops NFT game platforms, opens asia office in Korea and European office in Sweden

NFTゲームプラットフォームを展開する米国の「Mythical Games」が韓国にアジアオフィス、スウェーデンに欧州オフィスを開設

Mythical Games, a U.S.-based NFT gaming platform, has raised $150 million (over 17 billion Japanese yen) in December 2021 to further expand its business, opening its first Asian office in Seoul, Korea, and its first European office in Mythical Games has also announced the opening of its first European office in Stockholm, Sweden.

About Mythical Games

Mythical GamesMythical Games

Mythical Games is a company developing new Play-to-Earn game systems and platforms using blockchain technology and playable NFT.
The company specializes in developing games in which players themselves are the economic actors, and has developed games such as "Call of Duty," "World of Warcraft," "Guitar Hero," "DJ Hero," "Marvel's Strike Force and Skylanders.

In January 2022, the company also announced the acquisition of Polystream, a UK-based company that develops a metaverse streaming platform, and plans to acquire additional blockchain technology and game development facilities to aggressively pursue global expansion.

Three Personnel with Proven Experience in the Gaming and Entertainment Industry Lead the Company

Polystream also announced that three individuals will lead the company's global expansion.

Adam Schaub: Head of Mythical Europe and Studio General Manager

With more than 20 years of experience in the mobile gaming and entertainment industry, Adam Schaub is the former Studio General Manager of Electronic Arts Inc.
At the Stockholm studio, he will drive the next generation of blockchain game offerings and will focus on business development and expansion in the EU.

Mike Kang: Vice President of Business Development

Mike Kang is a business and technology professional with over 20 years of experience in business development in the APAC region at Electronic Arts, Inc. He has also worked to transform and optimize businesses in technology, media, and entertainment at several companies, including Samsung Electronics, IBM, Sony, Warner Brothers, and Disney.
He will lead the company's international expansion.

Jikhan Jung: Vice President of Production

Jikhan Jung has 16 years of experience in the video game industry as a producer and CEO, and previously served as the president of the U.S. subsidiary of Coloplast. He is the founder and CEO of SubDream Studio, developer of the VR arcade game "Galaga Fever" in partnership with Namco Bandai and the Ethereum-based RPG play-to-earn game "Bit Kingdom". He has also served as founder and CEO of SubDream Studio, executive producer of Kabam, and founder of the gaming company Gala-Net.
At SubDream Studio, he will lead the company's cross-border strategy, publishing, and multi-location game development.

Comments from those involved

Mythical Games Linkedin

John Linden, co-founder and CEO, comments

We are pleased to welcome three new colleagues as we build our team to deliver new games on our Mythical Platform and take the first step in our global expansion to grow our business.
The Play-and-Earn community is growing rapidly, and we are growing to meet the needs of consumers who want to interact and transact in an immersive 3D game world.
Our new studios in Seoul and Stockholm will enhance Mythical's publishing and platform capabilities, and together with Polystream in Guildford, UK, which will serve as a command streaming hub, we will continue to drive distributed gaming.

Adam Schaub comments.

Mythical Games is uniquely positioned to create new and exciting opportunities for both players and game creators in the blockchain gaming space.
I believe that by fundamentally changing the way we look at traditional currencies, the meaning of value creation, and the way markets operate, we can change not only the current state of gaming, but also the world as we know it.
By leveraging the highly skilled AAA and mobile gaming talent we have assembled in Stockholm, we will grow our European team and deliver the next wave of the gaming industry.

Mike Kang commented

We see the Korean gaming market as an ideal starting point for our expansion into the APAC region, which is critical to our global growth and key to our continued success.
There is a growing interest in Play-and-Earn gaming in the region, and we are confident that games on the Mythical Platform will meet that need by providing a top-notch experience for those unfamiliar with the blockchain itself, as well as those familiar with the technology and benefits of the blockchain. We are proud to be able to meet this need.

Future Prospects

miimeMythical Games

We will work to bring the concept of Play-and-Earn games and playable NFTs into the mainstream of the gaming market, building an economy based on playable NFTs within games and providing a way to sell digital assets for real money, thereby increasing player engagement. The company will increase player engagement and create a new business model where players become stakeholders in their favorite games.

Currently, companies such as Abstraction Games, Creative Mobile, and CCG Lab have signed on with Mythical Platform.

Active Recruitment of Members

 Mythical Games

Mythical Games has grown to over 150 employees and has been named one of the Best Companies to Work For in 2021.
Mythical Games is looking for members for its games, marketing, platform, and marketplace teams, with openings in Seoul and Stockholm, as well as remote work.


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