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New Mitsubishi UFJ NICOS Card members can get limited-edition goods of professional e-sports team "IGZIST"! You can get the limited goods of professional e-sports team "IGZIST" when you newly enroll in Mitsubishi UFJ NICOS Card!


Mitsubishi UFJ NICOS is supporting IGZIST, a professional e-sports team run by STUN Corporation, which is engaged in video production and marketing business. Mitsubishi UFJ Card x IGZIST New Member Campaign " is now underway!


Join Mitsubishi UFJ Card and get IGZIST original goods!


Mitsubishi UFJ NICOS signed a sponsorship agreement with IGZIST from September 2022, and this campaign will be held as a collaboration project in support of IGZIST's activities. The first campaign will be held in two installments, with the first installment open to those who apply between November 7, 2022 (Monday) and December 31, 2022 (Saturday) and enroll by January 2023. The second phase of the campaign is for those who apply during the application period from Sunday, January 1, 2023 to Friday, March 31, 2023, and enroll by April 2023. In the first phase of this campaign, "IGZ ORIGINAL SHIRTS," which are not for sale, will be given away. The second campaign will be announced on IGZIST's official Twitter (@IGZIST_GG ) around the end of December, so be sure to follow us to make sure you don't miss out! Also, please note that the application for this campaign must be made by following the campaign announcement tweet posted on IGZIST's official Twitter (@IGZIST_GG). The campaign applies to applications made through the dedicated application URL. Please be careful when applying for this campaign.

Campaign name Mitsubishi UFJ Card x IGZIST New Member Campaign
Period / Eligibility 1st round: Those who apply between November 7, 2022 and December 31, 2022, and enroll by January 2023.
2nd offer: For applications submitted between January 1, 2023 and March 31, 2023, and enrollment by April of the same year.
Eligible cards Mitsubishi UFJ Card (Mastercard, Visa, JCB, American Express)
Details and Privileges During the period, if you apply for a new card through the "IGZIST" official Twitter account tweet "Get a limited edition IGZ shirt when you apply for a new Mitsubishi UFJ Card ★", you will receive original "IGZIST" goods without exception.
[1st prize] UGZ ORIGINAL SHIRTS (not for sale, see image above for product image)
[The second promotion] To be announced on the official "IGZIST" Twitter account in late December.
Period Shipped to the registered address within 1 to 3 months after enrollment

Great benefits for new cardmembers!

Mitsubishi UFJ Card" is eligible for this campaign, and there are some great benefits when you enroll! 1 point will be awarded for every 1,000 yen spent when shopping, and 10 points will be awarded for every 1,000 yen spent at eligible convenience stores. This means that you will receive 5.5% equivalent of Global Points for payments made at convenience stores. In addition, if you register for RakuPay, you will receive a 5% reduction in addition to the 5.5% reduction, so we recommend that you also register for RakuPay when you become a member. In addition, up to 1.6% of the amount spent will be rewarded with Global Points for the first 3 months after enrollment, and up to 10,000 yen worth of Global Points will be given away if certain conditions are met, so you can aim for even higher point redemption! You can also exchange your accumulated Global Points for merchandise or gift cards, or transfer them to Rakuten Points or Ponta Points! You can exchange your accumulated Global Points for products and gift cards, or transfer them to Rakuten Points or Ponta Points. It is nice to be able to accumulate points for everyday purchases and use them to exchange for the products you want or transfer them to the points you want to use. In addition, Mitsubishi UFJ Card is also compatible with touch payment and smartphone payment, allowing you to complete your daily purchases quickly and contactlessly. The Mitsubishi UFJ Card can also be used with peace of mind in terms of security, as the card information is written on the back of the card, preventing prying eyes from reading it during use.

There is no annual fee for the first year of issuance, and the annual fee is waived for students while in school, so it is recommended for students as well! The annual fee is 1,375 yen (including tax) for the primary cardmember and 440 yen (including tax) for family cardmembers, but if you make at least one shopping purchase in the previous year, the annual fee will be waived, so keep using the card and accumulate points! For details of Mitsubishi UFJ Card, please refer to the official website of Mitsubishi UFJ NICOS.

Card Name Mitsubishi UFJ Card
Mitsubishi UFJ Card American Express Card
International Brand Mastercard, Visa, JCB, American Express
Card information on the back Name/Card number/Expiration date/Security code
For American Express, name and security code are written on the front page.
Touch Settlement Supported
Application Requirements You must be at least 18 years old and have a stable income, or you or your spouse must be at least 18 years old and a student.
Or 18 years of age or older and a student (excluding high school students)
Annual fee (tax included) Primary member: 1,375 yen (free for the first year/free while in school) Family member: 440 yen (free for the first year)
(Free for the following year and thereafter if the primary cardmember or family cardmember uses the card once a year for shopping)
Available credit line 100,000-1,000,000 yen (100,000-300,000 yen for students)
Point Program MUFG Card Global Point
MUFG Card American Express Card Global Points
Points awarded 1 basic point for every 1,000 yen spent on shopping
Triple points for the first 3 months after enrollment
Only for American Express, double points will be given for overseas purchases from the 4th month after enrollment.
Additional Insurance Overseas Travel Accident Insurance Up to 20,000,000 yen (Incidental coverage)
Shopping insurance Annual limit of 1,000,000 yen *Domestic: when using revolving credit, installment payment, or Rakuten Pay


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