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MSI Laptop Official Image Character & MSI Official VTuber "Bisei Mei" Announced! Activities start from Saturday, December 4!


MSI Computer Japan, Inc. has announced "Mihoshi Mei", the image character of MSI notebook PCs, newly drawn by popular illustrator "Hoshi", who is known for her delicate, pretty and beautiful girls.
Mihoshi Mei" will appear on MSI's official web page and various printed materials, as well as in retail stores and on other websites as the image character of MSI notebook PCs.

Profile of "Mei Mei Mihoshi," the official image character of MSI notebook PCs

-美星メイ- 特設ページ
  • She is a sophomore in the laptop class at Micro Star Academy.
  • As an extracurricular training, she is working to spread the appeal of MSI's notebook PCs.
  • She is a member of the eSports Promotion Committee.

Nice to meet you all!
We have just made an official announcement.
I'm "Mihoshi Mei", the image character and official VTuber of MSI notebook PCs!

I will do my best in my extracurricular training!
I'm looking forward to working with you all!


Character design and illustration by "Hoshi (@hoshi_u3 )".

As explained at the beginning of this article, "Hoshi" is a popular illustrator who has emerged like a comet and is known for creating beautiful, delicate, and fragile girls like a beautiful star.
In addition to designing characters for children's books, smartphone games, and VTubers, Hoshi participated in the "100 Painters Exhibition," an exhibition of 100 painters who are active in the forefront of pop culture.
He has also released his long-awaited first book of drawings, "Stargazing - Hoshi Art Collection.

3D model production "Studio Posse Inc.

3D model of "Mihoshi Mei

Studio Posse Inc. is a graphic production company founded by artists with a wealth of experience in game production.
Studio Posse has a particular reputation for creating 3D models that maximize the appeal of 2D illustrations and animated characters while not compromising their image, and the bishojo models created by its members have been highly acclaimed by clients and users alike. The models of our members have been highly evaluated by clients and users.

MSI's official VTuber "Mihoshi Mei" will be active on December 4!


From December 4, 2021 (Saturday), MSI's first " Official VTuber " will begin regular distribution activities.
Thereafter, she will be active on Twitter and other official Mihoshi Mei Twitter pages, in addition to her regular distribution and appearances in MSI's notebook PC introduction videos.
She will also be active on the "Mihoshi Mei☆Mihoshi Mei☆" YouTube channel on December 4 (Sat.).
For more information, please check the special page!


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese and 繁體中文. at the moment.

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