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"Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak" Free Title Update Vol.2 will be delivered on September 29th! Announcing additional monsters and new systems!


Tokyo Game Show 20 22" (hereinafter referred to as "TGS2022") will be held at Makuhari Messe over four days from September 15 (Thu) to 18 (Sun), 2022.
TGS2022 has finally arrived, and since it is the first time in three years that the show has been held for real, the venue is bustling with excitement, with long lines of people waiting in line to try out games.
The TGS2022 is a real event, and the venue is bustling with people, with long lines of people waiting in line to try out the games.
On Thursday, September 15, 2022, at 23:00, the " TGS2022 Capcom Online Program," a program that delivers information on Capcom's newest titles, will showcase the free title " Monster Hunter Rise: Sun Break" (quot;Monster Hunter Rise: Sun Break ), which all hunters around the world have been waiting for. The second free title update for "Monster Hunter Rise: Sun Break & quot;has been announced!


Monster Hunter Rise: SunBreak Free Title Update #2 (Ver. 12) Latest Information Unveiled!

Monster Hunter Rise: Sun Break" was released worldwide on June 30, 2022 (Thursday).
In July 2022, the first update was so massive that you'll be surprised that this content is free, and the second update will also enrich your hunter life!

New monsters added!

It was announced earlier that one of the monsters to be added in 2022/8 will be the "Espinas subspecies of the Thorn Tea Dragon," which was introduced in Monster Hunter Frontier.
The rest of the additional monsters were predicted to be the " Flame Fox Dragon Tamamitsune Rare Species " and the " Puppeted Iconic Overcoming Onazuchi " in the second phase of the game!

Flame Fox Dragon Tamamitsune Rare Species

焔狐竜 タマミツネ希少種PR TIMES

The "Flaming Fox Dragon" is a rare species of tamamitsune.
It uses the synovial fluid it secretes to glide and manipulate gas-filled bubbles to hunt down its targets.
Normally, it appears aloof and easygoing, but if it decides to seriously eliminate a target, its body will be clad in a white flame, and it will turn the surrounding area into a sea of flame with its furious movements.


Espinas subspecies

棘茶竜 エスピナス亜種PR TIMES

The subspecies of Espinas is called "Spiny Tea Dragon" because of its body color, which is different from that of the normal species.
Like the normal species, it is usually asleep and does not wake up with ordinary attacks.
In addition to poison, the breath they spit out contains a heavy acid that corrodes their armor, and if exposed to it, they will not be able to hold their breath.



傀異克服オオナズチPR TIMES

A monster that has been unilaterally parasitized and "puppetized" by the Curia, and has been transformed into a "symbiotic relationship" in which it has completely taken over the Curia's power and suppressed the outbursts caused by its influence. The koryu in this state are called "puppet-animate koryu," and their power far surpasses that of the puppet-animate.



Weapons, armor, and new skills will be made from the materials obtained from defeating the "Tamamitsune Rare Species," "Espinas Subspecies," and "Puppeted Moths," which will be added in Ver. 12.
The "Tamamitsune Rare Species" and "Espinous Subspecies" will open at MR 10 or higher. The "Puppeted Giant Perch" will be opened at MR 110 or higher!
Raise your MR and go hunting!

Puppet Quest EX★6 is now open! New puppet monsters are now available!

傀異クエストEX★6開放PR TIMES

With the second update, Ver.12, Puppet Quest EX★6 will be opened.
Puppet Quest EX★6 features new puppet monsters such as "Gore Magara," "Rajan," "Espinous," and more!
Let's challenge the high difficulty quest!
The following puppet monsters appear in Puppet Quest EX★6.

  • Gore Magara
  • Espinas
  • Bazelgeuse
  • Yatsukadaki subspecies
  • Rajan

Raise the level limit of "Puppet Investigation Quest"!

傀異討究クエストレベル120開放PR TIMES

The upper level limit of the "Puppet Investigation Quest" will be raised to 120!
You can strengthen your equipment with materials obtained from the new quests!
Also, the Puppet Alchemy of Weapons will be able to expand the number of puppet slots, and new levels will be released for various enhancements!
In addition to this update, we will be updating the ranks of the Puppet Quests, the types of monsters that can be challenged, and the level limits of the Puppet Quests in the future!
The higher the level you challenge, the more items you will get, so keep on challenging the quests!

Weapons of the "layered" type are now available!


The "layered weapons " that can change the appearance of existing weapons by layering them on top of each other are now available!
The "layered weapons" can be produced at the fabricator's shop, and the purchased layered weapons can be changed at any time.
You can change the weapon you purchased at any time, and you can also change the weapon you purchased at any time.

Paid downloadable content is coming!


The second free title update (Ver. 12) will bring you new paid downloadable contents such as layered weapons and DLC Pack 7.
The " Monster Hunter Rise DLC Pack 7 " will be available for purchase, which includes the " Lost Code" weapon, which comes with a total of 14 types of layered weapons, as well as additional layered equipment, hunter/toy layered clothing, and additional poses.
The new paid downloadable content will be available on September 29, 2022 (Thursday ), so be sure to check out the new paid downloadable content along with the second free title update (Ver. 12)!
Please check the official " Monster Hunter Rise: Sun Break " website for the lineup of paid content.

Event quests will be distributed every Thursday!

イベントクエストPR TIMES

Various event quests will be distributed after the Ver. 12 update announced this time.
Event quests can be received from the postman at the base, or from the "Event Quest" at the observation base counter or the meeting place counter!
Please note that an Internet connection is required to receive Event Quests.
At the time of this writing, the event quest "Wicked Twins Attack: Gold and Silver Ring Dance" is now available, which involves the hunting of one Rio Reia and one Rio Reus rare species.
Why don't you give it a try!
For more information about the event quest, please visit the event quest page.

The second free title update will be released on Thursday, September 29!

配信スケジュールPR TIMES

The second free title update (Ver. 12) for "Monster Hunter Rise: Sun Break" will be released on Thursday, September 29, 2022!
The second update is also packed with additional monsters, new layered equipment, and an increase in the level limit for the Puppet Investigation Quest!
The next update is scheduled for late November 2022, and the third update will also feature new monsters.
For more information on the second free title update (Ver. 12), please visit the official " Monster Hunter Rise: Sun Break " website!
For more information on the second free title update (Ver. 12), please check out the official "Monster Hunter Rise: Sun Break" website.

The new Espinous subspecies will be added to the TGS2022 program, which will be held at Makuhari Messe in Chiba, Japan .
Those who successfully defeat the Espinous subspecies will receive limited-edition goods and an original muffler towel if they post their impressions and photos on SNS after playing the game.


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