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The latest information on "Monster Hunter Rise: Sun break" is announced! New elements are also available!


Monster Hunter Rise: Sun Break ", a huge expansion content for "Monster Hunter Rise", is scheduled to be released on June 30, 2022 (Thursday).
With only about a month to go before the release, new information is being released little by little.
I am sure that all hunters are going hunting every day to hone their skills in preparation for the release of the game.
On Tuesday, May 10, 2022 at 23:00, the Monster Hunter Rise: Sun Break special program will be aired, revealing the second promotional video filled with new information and the latest news about Monster Hunter Rise: Sun Break!

Second Promotional Video Released!


The promotional video begins with a battle against Mel Xena, the silver dragon, with a grim look on the face of Tadori, the medicine man, but the newly added " Alliance Quest " and the hunting action " Hayagae " are also shown in this video! The video also shows the newly added "Alliance Quest" and "Hayagae" hunting action!
The promotional video features hunters fighting Mel Xena, the silver dragon, and other monsters from Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, and is full of power and excitement.
Watch the promotional video and wait for the game's release!

New Element Revealed!

New element for single-player only: "Alliance Quest"!


In the newly announced "Mengyou Quest", you and your fellow " Mengyou " go on quests together with the main character to challenge the Mengyou Quest!


The Mengyou Quest is a single-player quest that allows you to hunt with various other characters from the story, including Kingdom Knight Fiorene and Hinoe Minoto from the village of Kamura!


The number of characters you can hunt with in the Mengyou Quest will gradually increase as you progress through the game, so be sure to complete the main quest at the same time!
The weapons and strategies of each character seem to change, so you'll want to hunt with all the characters!


In the Mengyou Quest, you and your partner will hunt together in a variety of ways, such as controlling the dragon, recovering your partner's health, and setting traps.
There are also rewards that can only be obtained through the Alliance Quests, so let's challenge the quests with the various characters that appear in the story!

The battle scene of "Mel Xena," an ancient dragon of the Three Dukes of the Kingdoms, is also on view!


Mel Xena, one of the Three Lords of the Kingdoms, is a powerful monster that has driven kingdoms to the brink of collapse many times before and is capable of following countless mysterious creatures and sucking out their energy.
As shown in the special program video, Mel Xena is a graceful and graceful creature that is able to capture its prey and suck out its energy in an instant, using a variety of techniques.
Mel Xena is based on the concept of "vampire," and the keywords "count," "nobility," "nobility," and "cunning" are used in the monster design and the hunting song "Mel Xena" to convey both visuals and motion. So be sure to play the game to get the full picture!


Also, if you are hit by some of Mel Xena's attacks, you will be " bloodied " and you will start a battle of life force with Mel Xena, which you will have to overcome!
While you are "bloodied", you will lose your natural healing power, and not only will your health gradually decrease, but the amount of recovery when using items with a recovery effect will also decrease.


Mel Xena will also transform further by absorbing the hunter's life force, so be sure to play the game to find out the truth!

New monsters to appear in the game

In "Monster Hunter Rise: Sun Break Series", "Sellegios", the main monster from "Monster Hunter 4G" and other variants of the monsters that appeared in "Monster Hunter Rise" will appear! The variants of the main monster from "Monster Hunter 4G" and "Monster Hunter Rise" will appear!

SERREGIOS, the dragon of a thousand blades


A flying dragon species with blade-like sharp "blade scales". It is called the "thousand-edged dragon" because of its shape.
It is territorial and combative, and repeatedly engages in fierce battles with other monsters.
Be careful of attacks by ejecting blade scales.
If a hunter is hit by some of the attacks of the Sellegios, he or she will be "lacerated," and his or her strength will be lost.
A monster with a variety of attack methods.


Ice Mermaid Dragon Isonemikuni Subspecies


The subspecies of the isonemikuni, called "ice mermaid dragons" because of their fantastic appearance.
It uses cold air to freeze its surroundings and then quickly slides over to attack, or it chases down prey that has invaded its territory by spitting out a powerful ice breath.


Oromydor dragon Oromydor subspecies


A subspecies of the oromydoron, called "yoo-oo-ryu" because it lives in lava tubes and uses lava instead of mud, unlike the normal species.
They secrete a special dissolving fluid from their bodies that melts the ground, allowing them to freely burrow into the earth and produce lava and rocks.



In the Master Rank quests, the monsters that appeared in Monster Hunter Rise have been adjusted and new battle actions have been added!
You will definitely enjoy a different kind of battle than in Monster Hunter Rise.

New hunting actions "Hayagae" and "Sakiyake



Monster Hunter Rise: Sun Break" adds a number of new switching techniques, including the Iron Mushroom Thread technique, and a new action called "Hayagae " that allows you to instantly switch between techniques while hunting!
With "Shippe," you can set different actions of your choice in advance for the two sets of switching techniques in the Book of Shippe [Shu] and the Book of Shippe [Ao], and by performing "Shippe," you can use them from [Shu] to [Ao] to [Shu], and so on. You can instantly change the set of techniques that can be used by switching from [Shu] to [Ao] to [Shu] and so on!

"Saki Sakae" (Pioneering)


In addition to changing the set of switching techniques, you can also use " Sakiage ", a special move action that can be derived after "Shippe", to avoid monster attacks or to get in time with monsters, so it looks like you can apply the technique as well! It seems that the technique can also be applied.
The actions that have appeared in Monster Hunter Rise have also been adjusted, such as wall-running without using Shippouge when near a wall, and whether to continue attacking or initiate a maneuver when in a maneuverable state.
Other adjustments are being made and will be released in the future.
Starting on May 16, 2022 (Monday), Capcom will be releasing a series of videos on its official YouTube channel introducing each of the 14 new attractions, so stay tuned for more information!

Get the NARIKIRI Nabiru save data linking bonus!


If you have the save data of "Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin" on your Nintendo Switch, you can get the "Nari-Kiri Nabiru"", an outfit for Otomo Airou, in "Monster Hunter Rise: Sun Break"! If you have the save data of "Monster Hunter Rise: Sun Break", you can get the "Nari-Kiri Nabiru"", which is an outfit for Otomo Airou to wear over and over.
You can also get the "Rider Series" of Hunter gear from "Monster Hunter Rise" and the "Nari-Kiri Tsukino" of Otomo Airu gear that appeared as a reward for clearing the collaboration quests. Let's set out on our quests equipped with equipment inspired by "Monster Hunter Stories 2"!

On sale Thursday, June 30, 2022!


Monster Hunter Rise: Sun Break " will be released worldwide on June 30, 2022 (Thursday)!
The new elements alone were enough to make the game a huge success, but we are sure that additional elements and new information will be released before the game's release, so we are looking forward to the release of the game!
Let's play the already released Monster Hunter Rise and wait for its release while making reservations!
The downloadable version will be priced at 4,990 yen including tax, and the Monster Hunter Rise: Sun Break Deluxe Edition with additional content will be available for 5,990 yen including tax!

(The Deluxe Kit that comes with the Deluxe Edition will also be sold separately.)
(The deluxe kit that comes with the deluxe edition will be sold separately.) For those who want to start playing at this time, the " Monster Hunter Rise + Sun Break Set," which includes both Monster Hunter Rise and Monster Hunter Rise: Sun Break, will be available for purchase.
The package version will be priced at 8,789 yen including tax, and the download version will be priced at 7,999 yen including tax.
The " Monster Hunter Rise: Sun Break (downloadable version) + amiibo + Multi Diorama Stage Set," which includes Monster Hunter Rise: Sun Break (downloadable version), amiibo, and Multi Diorama Stage, will be available for 12.580 yen including tax, This is an eCapcom original and will be sold for 12,580 yen including tax!
This is eCapcom's original set, which is already sold out at this point, but we hope that reservations will be reopened.
All products sold this time will also come with a limited number of "Otomo Airou Overlapping Equipment Nari-Kiri Shimamike" and "Otomogaruku Overlapping Equipment Nari-Kiri Meiken" as a limited bonus, so be sure to pre-order and get them!
The Monster Hunter Rise: Sun Break Special Program 2022.5.10 will be broadcast on Capcom's official YouTube channel, and for more information, please visit the official Monster Hunter Rise: Sun Break website.


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