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Get "Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak" images and videos on Instagram for giveaways! "Share your relief sablé!" "Campaign held!


Capcom's hunting action game " Monster Hunter Rise: Sun Break " has expanded its scope of play with the release of the first free title update, Ver. 11.
The game has so many new things to do, such as defeating additional monsters, " Puppet Discovery Quests," and " Puppet Refinement, " that even if you concentrate on playing during the Bon vacation, you will not be able to finish the game.
The "Monster Hunter Rise: Sun Break" event is scheduled to be released on August 18, 2022 (Thursday ), which will add even more fun to the game.
Many people upload their pictures and videos to social networking sites because they want everyone to see them.
The " Monster Hunter Rise: Sun Break" official Instagram "Share Your Hot Sable! campaign on the official Instagram!


Post cool images and videos on Instagram and get a gift!

Share your Hotto Sable! Campaign

Share your Hotto Sablet! The "Share Your Hot Sablet" campaign is a campaign to upload images and videos of Hot ( cool) Sablets ( Monster Hunter Rise: Sun Break) to your Instagram account and win original goods.
We are sure that you have a lot of screenshots and videos of your nice moves you have taken while playing "Monster Hunter Rise: Sun Break"!
Now is the time to show them off to the world!

Examples of Submissions

There are two types of prizes in this campaign, one for submissions and the other for comments, both of which require you to first follow the official Monster Hunter Rise: Sun Break Instagram account (@mh_rise_jp ).
For the submission prize, tag the official Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Instagram account (@mh_rise_jp ) and post a hot (cool) image or video you have taken to complete your participation.
For the comment prize, participation is completed by commenting on the campaign post with your impressions of the game and official Instagram.
Gorgeous prizes will be given away in a drawing among the participants for each of the prizes!
As for the details of the prizes, a total of 31 people will be selected by drawing to win the following prizes!

A set of "Otomo Airou" and "Otomogaruku" barrel-shaped cushions that make you feel at home: 1 person

Relaxing "Otomo Airou" and "Otomogaruku" barrel-shaped cushion set

Survive the hot summer! One of three types of "Three Dukes of the Royal Region" hand towels (random) : 15 winners

Let's get through the hot summer! King of the Three Dukes" hand towel

Cool monster icon bag : 15 winners

Cool monster icon bag

For the comment prize, 50 winners will receive a set of two " Original Rajan Stickers & Original Hunting Guide Stickers " by lottery!

Original Rajan sticker and original hunting guide sticker

Post your proudest picture or video and get " Like! and you'll have a chance to win gorgeous prizes for your contributions!
Let's make "Monster Hunter Rise: Sun Break" more exciting by posting pictures and videos of your favorite sablefish, and by sharing your thoughts on how you played the game!
For more details on the campaign and the terms and conditions of entry, please check out the " Share Your Hot Sablet! campaign page for details and terms and conditions of the campaign!


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese. at the moment.

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