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The Monsterize: Sunbreak event quest is now available! Defeat the slightly odd couple Rio and get a pair of fashionable single-piece glasses!


A new event quest " Red-Green Round Dance " has been released in " Monster Hunter Rise: Sun Break ", a hunting action game developed by CAPCOM Co.


Get special layered armor in the event quest!

Red-Green Round Dance

The event quest "Red-Green Round Dance" was released on November 10, 2022 (Thursday). The objective is to hunt one Rio Reya and one Rio Reus in the arena. By completing this event quest, you will be able to produce a special layered armor, "One Eyeglass of Enlightenment"!

Simultaneous hunting of two animals that represent the Monster Hunter series. It seems that this is no ordinary quest, but... you'll have to see for yourself the details!

The Glasses of Clairvoyance

This time, the wearer wears a single pair of glasses with a large, conspicuous ornament. It looks like it would look great with the "Dragon's End Hunting Costume" that comes with the "Deluxe Kit" downloadable content!

Excess points of spirit amber will be returned!

On Wednesday, November 9, 2022, at 7:30 p.m., Director Suzuki announced the future plans for "Monster Hunter Rise: Sun Break" on the official Twitter account (@MH_Rise_JP ). He said that the third free title update will return the materials corresponding to the number of points that are left over when strengthening armor puppet differently!

The grade of the spirit amber that you receive for completing the Puppet Reinforcement Quest varied depending on the level of the quest. Depending on the armor you want to strengthen, the materials would be wasted... This is a divine applet that adds a touch of detail that only hunters would understand! It's nice to know that a free title update doesn't just purely add quests and monsters, but also makes adjustments to the game system part of the game!

MonHun Rise: Sun Break" Road Map

The third free title update is scheduled to be implemented at the end of November 2022. It's about to become a reality! I'm sure everyone is wondering about the additional monsters. Let's wait for more information on what will appear and in what form!


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