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"Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak" has sold 4 million units worldwide! Commemorative item pack distribution decision


Monster Hunter Rise: Sun Break ", the huge expansion content for "Monster Hunter Rise", was released on June 30, 2022 (Thursday).
Hunters may be spending their days enjoying new hunting actions and monsters in the new observation base "Elgado".
The other day, August 10, 2022 (Wednesday), the first free title update "Monster Hunter Rise: Sun Break" Ver. 11 was released, and the MonHun life is only going to get more fulfilling with its many contents.
On July 14, 2022, "Elgado Pack 3" was released to commemorate the worldwide sales of "Monster Hunter Rise: Sun Break" exceeding 3 million units.
And now, "Elgado Pack 4" will be released to commemorate the 4 millionth unit sold worldwide!


Celebrating the 4 millionth unit sold! A variety of useful items!

エルガドパック4 PR TIMES

The "Monster Hunter Rise: Sun Break" has sold over 4 million units worldwide, and to celebrate, an item pack called "Elgado Pack 4" will be available for purchase.
The contents of the item pack are as follows

  • Elixir x 25
  • Large Tal Bombs G x 10
  • Doskireajin x5
  • Heavy Armor Ball x5
  • Gold Egg x 3

The set includes "Secret Medicine" that restores your health up to the maximum value, "Large Tull Bomb G" that deals 150 damage to monsters, "Doski Reazi" that can be used for weapon production and weapon enhancement, "Heavy Armor Ball" that can be used for armor enhancement, and "Gold Egg" that can be sold for 20.000z, The "Gold Egg" which can be sold for 20,000z is included in the set!
All of these items are useful, and it's nice to get them all!
If you have updated "Monster Hunter Rise" to the latest version, you can receive the items from the in-game post office starting Wednesday, August 24, 2022, so get your items and start playing!
For more information about "Monster Hunter Rise: Sun Break", please visit the official website!


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  • Nintendo Switch
  • Steam
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Capcom's hunting action "Monster Hunter Rise: Sun Break" has expanded its scope of play with the release of the first free title update, Ver. 11. Wit