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"Monhan" series long-awaited new app "Monster Hunter Riders" is finally here!

「モンハン」シリーズ待望の新作アプリ「モンスターハンター ライダーズ」がついに登場!

Monster Hunter Riders" takes place on the continent of Fergia, where humans and monsters coexist in harmony. It is an RPG in which players collect and train familiar monsters and unique riders to tackle quests.
Many people have been looking forward to this new application of the "Monster Hunter" series, which has sold 61 million units in total.
Capcom Co., Ltd. finally launched the service on February 19, 2020 (Wednesday )!

モンスターハンターライダーズモンスターハンター ライダーズ【MH-R】公式プロモーションサイト

The game has already been downloaded more than 1 million times, which shows how popular it is!

Pre-registrations have exceeded 400,000! Plenty of benefits available right after the game starts!

Pre-registration campaign
『モンスターハンター ライダーズ』公式Twitter

In commemoration of the 400,000th pre-registration, you can get the following benefits when you log in to the game.
Five gacha tickets! Very excited to see what you get!
The rewards are as follows!

  • 3* Rio Reia Egg x 1
  • 3★3 "Zinga's Egg" x 1
  • Rider's Gacha Ticket" x 5 *Gacha Ticket to obtain 3 or more Riders
  • Stamina recovery potion (small) x 5
  • Rider's Ore" x1000 *Item used to level up riders
  • Otomon Dumpling" x500 *Item used to level up Otomon
  • Zenny x2,500

Release Anniversary Gacha" is now in effect! A limited edition of ★5 Riders and ★5 Otomon will appear in the gacha!

Release Commemoration Festival Gacha
モンスターハンター ライダーズ【MH-R】公式プロモーションサイト

To celebrate the release of the game, the "Release Commemorative Festival Gacha" will begin!
The lineup includes the Fes Limited★5 Riders "Frederica" and "Darius".
Frederica" is a granddaughter and "Darius" is a grandfather, both of whom are powerful riders and should be acquired here!
You also have a chance to get a 5★ "Brachidios Egg" and "Rio Reia Egg" as an extra prize in the gacha.

ブラキディオスモンスターハンター ライダーズ【MH-R】公式プロモーションサイト

The Brachidios is a large bestial species with thick, sturdy forelegs and a unique head shell.

リオレイアモンスターハンター ライダーズ【MH-R】公式プロモーションサイト

Lioleia is a flying dragon species with strong legs and is nicknamed the "Queen of the Land" because of its activities mainly on the ground.

Please take advantage of this opportunity to acquire Otomon with powerful front and hind legs!
The lineup also includes 4-star Otomon and a pearl for strengthening Otomon, so be sure not to miss out!
Distribution period.
February 19, 2020 (Wed) - February 28, 2020 (Fri) 10:59

Log in every day to get rewards! A login bonus to commemorate the release!

Release Commemorative Login Bonus
『モンスターハンター ライダーズ』公式Twitter

Various good things will happen if you log in every day at the following dates and times...!

1)Daily Present Campaign

Use the rewards you get to advance your quests and strengthen Otomon and Rider.
The daily gift will change at 5:00 every day during the period.

Campaign Period
February 19, 2020 (Wed) - March 2, 2020 (Mon) 10:59

Deadline for receipt of gifts
10:59 on the day following the day the gift is received.

Reward】】 One of the following four types of gifts
You can obtain one of the following four types of gifts.

ログインボーナスモンスターハンター ライダーズ【MH-R】公式プロモーションサイト

(2) Release Commemorative Login Bonus

Log in every day during the period to receive rewards such as up to 500 "Orbs" and "Rider's Gacha Tickets".

February 19, 2020 (Wednesday) - March 4, 2020 (Wednesday) 4:59 pm
The login bonus will be changed at 5:00 a.m. every day during the period.

Clear this first! Beginner's Mission" is now available!

By completing the requirements, you will be rewarded with "Orbs" and "Rider's Gacha Tickets"!
Get them while progressing through the game!
Here are some of the beginner missions.

Distribution period
From Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Mission Summary

初心者ミッション『モンスターハンター ライダーズ』公式Twitter

For details of the beginner mission, please tap the "beginner mark" on the home screen in the game.

You may win a super jumbo size Otomon⁉Tweet to enter!

Tweet Campaign to Commemorate the Release

To commemorate the release of "Monster Hunter Riders", a campaign will be held to win gorgeous original goods and in-game items (orbs) such as an "Original Jersey" and "Rideable! Lioleus plushie" and other gorgeous original goods and in-game items (orbs) will be awarded in a campaign.
This campaign has two courses: "MonHun Riders Hajimete Shitasume Course" and "RT Course", and you can apply for both courses.
To enter, simply follow the official Twitter account and post a screenshot of your game play! Make sure to include "#MHR distribution start" in your tweet.
This campaign is only available now, so please participate!
February 19, 2020 (Wednesday) - March 4, 2020 (Wednesday)

Campaign website】 【Campaign website

Title Monster Hunter Riders
Genre RPG
Service start date Now on sale
Platform Smartphone (iOS/Android)
App Store 】https://apps.apple.com/jp/app/id1477150404
Google play 】https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=jp.co.capcom.mh_rjp
Play Fee: Free (with item charges)
Official website https://mobile.capcom.com/mh-r/
Official Twitter https://twitter.com/MH_Riders


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